Stress Free Sex Side Mp3

made with Bliss Engine v.5.2. ChiR and Bliss Engine v.5

If you want release all your stress especially related to your sexual life – this mp3 could be very helpful. It has specially programmed audio track to just release all the negative thougts, beliefs, worries – so even it can be treaten as “virtual sex”. However in this context: after listen to it couple of times – you will find yourself entertaining in the total sexual blissful way. For example if you struggle about not having sex for a long time – or your girlfriend leave you – or you don’t succeding at seduction area – this mp3 will wipe out all the negativity and stressful energies from you mind. And finally making you very peaceful and relaxed [also sexually relaxed].

Here is list of audio spells in this mp3:

  • Stress Dissolution I Audio Spell – erase all stress, on all levels with some slight healing, relaxing. Release Stress & Tension & Regeneration. Total stress release, tension, muscle tension, and body regeneration, feeling of physical tranqulity, peace, calm, with addition of feeling happy and blissful, with stress and tension release, and of course relaxation.
  • Stress Dissolution II Audio Spell
  • Stress Dissolution III Audio Spell
  • Orgasmic Healing I Audio Spell – for healing sexual organs from all possible infection energetic and physical, for super sex health, with orgasmic energy. Orgasmic Healing Energy (Release deep negative emotions, attachments, related to sex and illness) Ultimate Bliss – this one is for Sexual Healing thru orgasmic energy, for release many different negative things related to sexuality, sex, relationships, – and it can be also part of feeling bliss, connection to Source. Also type of healing of sexual organs, and releasing them from all negativity, attachments, other {!!!} people energies & consciousnes parts, and finally for releasing negative sex-related things from target’s mind.
  • Orgasmic Healing II Audio Spell
  • True Empower I Audio Spell – the true empower for men, release all negative beliefs related to sex, relationships, seduction, etc etc and become real men. This one is inspired by “The Orgasmic”. Here idea is to clear all negative self-limiting belifes, with this Orgasmic Energy, which are related to: women, sex, and becoming the men which is desired by women. Its about transformation, also about connection to heart, the men which trust-himself, don’t lie to himself, which is confident, know himself, with the sexual attraction/fullfilment powerful orgasmic energy. Generally to heal these negative belifes in mind. When mind changes, everything changes. When man improves himself; when he has a women at his side; there is tendency [within this Spell] to have a woman at your side, to be a better man. There is one healing part with tremendous orgasmic attraction energy. A woman (which is at your side) can also get benefit from your man transfromation. Generally to create multi-orgamic new age man, which know how to treat women. It has seduction twist. At the same time the powerful orgasmic energy that will fullfill and add super sex charm to Target. It treat very deep traumas, and such stuff, to finally become someone who is more near the ideal man in the new 4th Dimensionsional world, as Enki said, we just enter into 4th Diemension not the 5th one, 4th. Indeed, Enki, knows how men should be. He said once that men can’t follow by his “root chakra” he must thinking with his head, and when he do, he will equally with women (otherwise if you think by his “root charka” he much weaker by any woman). So that’s also the idea about this Spell. There is also special connection to knowledge about how to be real powerful man in todays world and the Son of God; EA, known as Enki.
  • True Empower II Audio Spell
  • Control Anger Audio Spell
  • Emotional Calm and Strenght Audio Spell
  • Relexation and Stress Relief Audio Spell


These suggestions are programmed within the audio track:

    • I am free from sexual stress
    • I am letting go of my sexual worries
    • My mind is calm as it goes with sex
    • My body is at peace as it goes with sex
    • I release all sexual tension from my mind and body
    • I am in control of my sexual stress levels
    • I am positive and peaceful about my sex life always
    • I am sexually relaxed and free from sexual stress

10+ different stress free suggestion

Listening Tips:

Usually 30-60 minutes per day. If you stress out for some reasons – please listen until you feel relief.
Headphones works the best, if you dont have any, then earphones, and with speakers it will works as well.


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StressFreeSexSide.mp3 (Bliss Engine v.5.2 ChiR and v.5) – 18:24 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 44,1MB

Please do not use while driving or operating machines.
Be aware – contains powerful Copyrights Audio Spell – works only for those who order it and their bloodrelatives.

After purchase your download never expire – you may download it anytime.


I feel like after good massage with proffestional healer