made with Bliss Engine v.6

This mp3 has healing nature and is build upon Rife Frequency to deliberate Fungus and Molds from the digestive system and for overall healing, strenghtening immune system and anti-aging. There is additional frequency of 528Hz which is helpful for DNA healing and restoring. The audio track is charged with suggestions which move your chi-energy while listening to it. Every bit of this mp3 is charged with chi-energy. The best if you can listen at high quality headphones, so you will be sure that you don’t miss any healing frequency.


  • Rife Fungus and Molds
  • 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency

Audio Spells encoded within the audio track:

  • Rejuvenation, Fast Recovery
  • Cell Regeneration, Fast Recovery II
  • Overcome Fatigue
  • Boycott Junk Foods
  • Enjoy Regular Workouts
  • Make Dietetary Discipline Enjoyable
  • Immortality
  • Inner Mind Health
  • Digestive System

Listen it in loop and with high quality headphones from 1-3 hours (no more then 4h) per day or at any time you feel sick. For cure from fungus and molds – ideally is to listen 1 hour per day for at least 7 days.


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