59x eXtreme V2 Pendant with Extra Orgonite



new type of pendant has been made. It can hold up to 60x powers and it made in help of Extra Orgonite – very powerful – especially in compare to previous eXtreme V2 pendants which was able to hold only 14x powers. Now there is 4x more power, pendant is way more thick and it’s wight is only 16grams (0,50 oz)!

New pendant can be optimized for:

  • attract wealth, money & riches, financial success
  • attraction, magnetism, magnetic aura
  • general purpose like healing, protection, self-improvement

It can hold these energies ehnaced by eXtreme V2 cores – up to 60x per pendant:

Or you would like one of these High Power Energies to be enhanced with eXtreme V2 cores:
High Power Energies

and order page is here: order-pendants