Manifestation of the True Success Vol.2

This is volume 2 of the MP3 that will wipe out the negative thinking and remove mind beliefs – especially these which are related to worrying and lack of faith – and finally set the mind for achieving success.

  • The audio is almost 34 minutes long
  • Include 2nd Chakra frequency Tibetan Bells for boost will-power
  • 40% of chi suggestion are focused on removing mind beliefs related to worrying
  • There are 2nd Chakra modulated sounds of birds

1st MP3: 01_ManifestationoftheTrueSuccess_vol.2 (it’s not audio talisman, only for listening) is made with Bliss Engine v.6 and include chi energy suggestions – it is really strong and it’s enough to listen to it once per day – optionally if someone want to faster results up to three times per day.

Entire script has about 2 pages A4 (with ‘removing’ and emotional part).

This mp3 contains the same list of Audio Spells as in Vol.1 – however the script is much longer and more complex. At the end of track (last 8 minutes) there is emotional healing focused on clearing emotional attachments to failure and for bottle emotions, remove feelings of neediness.

Audio Spells:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Eradicate Nonsense
  • Focus Ferocity
  • Budda Mind
  • YHWH Heart Healing
  • Mental Game Squared
  • YHWH No fear about say NO
  • Legendary Attention
  • Life Goal
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs
  • No emotional storms / bottle emotions
  • No Fear
  • No Guilt
  • Self-Control
  • Remove Deep Trauma
  • YHWH Health
  • Focus on Priorities
  • Total Balance
  • Time Line (get control over own time and space)
  • Self-Confidence / Self-Trust
  • Stress Relief
  • Optimism and Success
  • Overcome Worry
  • Destroy Hesitation

2nd Mp3: 02_40x_ManifestationoftheTrueSuccess_vol.2.mp3 (this is audio talisman and apply for listening too) is enhanced with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 – it boost the chi suggestions from the initial charging with Bliss Engine v.6 and add more power up to 40x. Can be used as Audio Talisman.

This one has following Audio Spells:

  • Self-Confidence / Self-Trust
  • Stress Relief
  • Optimism and Success
  • Overcome Worry
  • Destroy Hesitation

Each of these two mp3s do not contains brainwaves even the sounds are modulated by frequencies – however if you feel that these mp3s are too much powerful please listen less or use the audio talisman version.

Please use them on your own responsibility and use them wisely. It’s better to listen once or twice everyday for one week then eight times in a row.

The main idea of these two mp3s is to remove:

  • Worrying
  • Neediness

And replace these mental states with success oriented mindset.

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