Total Balance And Health
Version 2


Second version empowered with Large Quartz Crystals, Stone Circles Energy and Pyramids.

Made with Silent Bliss 25000 VX

For listening via earphones, headphones, speakers or using as Audio Talisman


Total Balance and Health v.2 is for restore health, balance, chakra balance, rejuvenation, anti-aging. Good health is the foundation of everything in life. Poet once said: “Oh my, Health, how much are you worth? Only this one will know who lost you”. Without health it’s hard to focus on achieving goals not related to health itself and with good health everything is possible. Version 2 is empowered and apply also for those who are less sensitive to energy. Most of the older people I know when asked: “What is most important in life?” they answer: “Health”. Combination of energy for “Flexibility Power and Anti-Aging Mind of Teenager” with “Immortality” energies play the role of creating healthy mind’s neural-pathways -as we all know – our beliefs creating reality – when mind is flexible it is not going into routine of negative thinking about health condition. The Version 2 is to break all chains of being “unhealthy” and bring the mind set: “I am healthy and strong!” alive!


Following Audio Spells / Energies are within each audio:


1). Immortality – this one works in sync with target’s soul, for make life longer maximally, and anti-aging and for perfect health. Immortality with Anti Aging and Perfect Health (safe if used). This Spell is for reverse aging processes, anti-aging, regeneration, (indeed many people dream of immortality), perfect health (all meanings, like physical, spiritual, psychical, energetic, astral etc etc – just perfect health), with this that Target it will intuitively find the right diet, food, exercises, activities that will bring her/him desired output in form of anti aging, perfect health, and parts of dreamed immortality. It is infused with healing energy; so the cells, and body will be repaired itself.

2). Chakra Balancing – balancing all charkas, energies within the body, meridians, female and male energies. Balance Chakras & Body Energies – Total Harmony & Balance. That’s all about stuff related to subtle energies, chakras, meridians, aura, etc, female, male energy fields, release energy blockages, etc, something that lays as foundation to good health and overall feeling & functioning good. 

3). Grounding, Release Energetic Tension – actually it does not add too much energy to the target but just making the target grounded. Especially helpful in chi-sickness, chi-overload, for people that works a lots with different energies. Also with this that target will build mind-set to not overload himself with too much power, and also will be able to accumulate more power and energy then he can be able right now, at this moment. Idea is to release unnecessary energies to earth, etc. Target can develop way to do it. It is mixed with general health mind-set and energy accumulation too. Also to release tensions and creating balance.

4). The return of the lost parts of the Soul, the integration of the sub-personalities. Return of strength, energy and information from non-physical intermediaries. Support for grounding all 24 hours a day. Removal of other people’s negative energies/emotions/information stored in body, parts of subtle bodies, chakras, energy and the return of one’s own information and energy.

5). Total Balance: (Restoration of all large and small chakras; Trans-coding and transformation of DNA; Restoration of speed and direction of rotation of merkaba; Harmonization of all energies of elements: fire, water, earth, and air).

6). Yahweh Ultimate Health (this one is to tap healing power of Yahwe, the one which also can goes thru hands, as pro-healers do).

7). Healing Digestive System – healing of digestive system, putting it into perfect harmony and strength, killing parasites, bacteria, yeasts, etc – keeping the right balance and the ability to choose, instinctively find the right food, supplements to have optimally healthy digestive system. This is for healing digestive system, also partly other health system related to the digestive, but main goal is to healing digestive system, and it’s all organs, like stomach, pancreas, duodenum, gall bladder, etc etc. Also, there is important part, to keep the right pH acidity, so generally to heal you from acidosis [which is horrible thing and root cause of many affiliations], the second important thing are: “microorganisms” indeed in intestines there are good ones, and bad ones, and their different proportions, there is horrible yeast such as candida [and other ugly ones], if it re-grows to much its harmful and cause many afflictions begging from insomnia, depression, mood swings, etc. There are also other harmful parasites, which we don’t want to have, but there are also good ones, that without we can’t live. Anyway, along with strong and healthy functioning digestive system and its organs, it is also about creating right and healthy flora of digestive organs, to remove some yeasts, molds, mytocse, release toxins, heavy metals, etc, and keep the good ones, like some healthy bacteria which are just needed to right and proper functioning of digestive system. It also slightly change mind of target which just start eating good food, [intuitively find and choose the right food], or/and choose right supplements which keep healthy his digestive system. There is also regeneration and youthfulness to body organs, to help them regenerate, and keep healthy, strong. Good absorption of food and micro elements which this spell will be achieved as well. Liver is important as well. Optionally it can be helpful with releasing stones in the gallbladder, liver, stomach. The spell is 100% safe, digestive system is very important.

8). Relax muscles and bring bliss state.
– relax muscles, release tension
– remove pain in muscles or tissues
– relax, relax, relax
– bring infinite bliss and pleasure state, mental and physical vacations
– release tension and bring relaxation
– remove root causes of being uptight, nervous
This one is around healing and also removing stress, tension, uptight.

9). Flexibility Power and Anti-Aging Mind of Teenager
– refresh mind and adopt to current life’s situation to overcome all circumstances

– flexible mind of teenager
– ability to learn fast for get the power of current situations
– being always young, flexible
– find solution to any difficult situation
– adopt to any circumstances with ease (job, life, friends, family)
– build-in power of winning any situation at all planes (physical, mental, spiritual, psi).
– accelerated faith in own abilities

10). Yahweh Immortality and Anti-aging, activate the DNA code responsible for longevity and body self-repair mechanisms. Being always Young (it would be also related to sexuality, as I guess 😉 To have fresh mind, being brilliant, etc etc.

11). Yahweh Healing of Brain and Digestive System (in Chinese Medicine digestive system is treat as second brain, sometimes even more important as it goes with health as brain).

12).  Yahweh Heal High Blood Pressure and Over-stress, Over-tension, Stress-out – and heal root causes of these afflictions.


Within the package there are main four audio recordings:



  • Neural one with nature sound.


  • Music track to induce more dynamic energy transmission


  • Audible 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency for: Healing DNA, diseases and illnesses
  • (while using it as Audio Talisman it will be the strongest one)


  • Ambient audio track with soft sound of 528Hz DNA Frequency



Each of above files is delivered with following “x” power / strength:

  • 10x, 20x, 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, 2000x, 4000x, 8000x, 10,000x, 20,000x, 40,000x, 80,000x, 100,000x.
  • M1x, M2x, M3x, M4x, M5x, M6x, M7x, M8, M9x, M10x.
  • M11x, M12x, M13x, M14x, M15x, M16x, M17x, M18x, M19x, M20x.
  • M21x, M22x, M23x, M24x, M25x, M26x, M27x, M28x, M29x, M30x.
Different “x” power / strength versions was implemented to accustom the power to each of you.
As you know each person has their own, individual level of sensitiveness about what recording is powerful or less powerful.
For example, one person keeps listening to a file at 100x and doesn’t use 500x. While someone else prefers 20,000x.
And yes, each file is at the same time an audio talisman.
Most powerful in terms of the amount of energy is the M30x.
(M1x = 100,000x x 10 = 1,000,000)
(M2x = 1,000,000 x 10 = 10,000,000) and so on.
M10x = 10,000,000,000,000,000x
M30x = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x
These values are estimated and may vary between different products.)


To make it works – listening it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1-2 hours per day at regular basis.

Each file is at the same time:

  • Mp3 for listening via headphones, earphones, speakers
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use at any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).


Desired period of using is at least 14-30 days.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lots of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

Read our Listening Agreement before using these files and optionally check our FAQ articles.

(there is “upgrade discount” for those who have previous version, the Total Balance and Health v.1)

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