eXtreme pendants are so powerful!!! AWAKE TRUE POWERS for that affordable prices!!

Technology that we used:

  • Advanced orgone compositions
  • Magic of Hermetics
  • Bio-theraphy energy healing
  • Scalarization
  • Crystal scalarization
  • Monoatomic silver and gold (all crystal powders are infused with)
  • Advanced radionic programming
  • Etheric charging – Archangelic Charging supported with these energies: http://seductionmagicflow.com/smfht4y-spell-casting-service/
  • Combat system, life time permanent charging
  • Powerful Energy Forms (eXtreme v.2 cores) that supports any fundamental energies like King Solomon’s, Egyptian or Goetia.
  • Different Types of Magic
  • Psionis3000VX Charging ($59 value)
  • Virtual God Caster Charging ($79 value)
  • Additional Charging with Virtual God Caster “Wealth++” version ($79)

There are different sizes of pendants:

  • Very small – Low Power – 1 cal diameter (2,5cm) x around 0,26 cal (0,6cm) [price is $59 for Extra
  • Small – Medium Power – 1,25 cal diameter (3,2cm) x around 0,28 cal (0,8cm) [price is $79 for Extra]  
  • Medim – Strong Power – 2 cal diameter (5cm) x around 0,5 cal (0,12cm) [price is $99 for Extra]
  • Large – Max Power – 2,25 cal diameter (5,5cm) x around 0,5 cal (0,12cm) [price is $149 for Extra]

It’s good to know that pendants can be now optimized with special etheric device for even more power – so Very Small Pendants with up to 2x power can hold much more energy.

At this time we use only Extra Orgone Composite, which guarantee maximum energy flow and it’s great quality.

Regardless of size, each pendant is charged with these devices:

  • Basic charging: Etheric Charger (also giving protection against other people’s energies to the item/pendant)
  • 2nd Level Charging: Psionis3000VX
  • 3rd Level Charging: VirtualGodCaster
  • 4th Level Charging: VirtualGodCaster”Wealth++”Version (additionally if the item/pendant is related to topic of wealth creation)

If you want your pendant to be even more powerful – it can be enhanced by any AT2 from this website. It must be your own copy,
otherwise it will not works. There is addtional costs of microSD cards used for this enhancment dependently from the quantity of total AT2’s file copies added to the pendant. For this enhancment with AT2s, there is recommendation to choosing Large size of pendant.


To each ordered pendant/s we add animal’s pain-free white/or red cotton string.


20% discount for previous buyers of any pendants/physical devies/gems from this website –
on each pendant.



Large pendants are way more effective then gems. Especially because orgon-ite/orgone energy based on Extra Composite can hold about 250-700% more energy then gems.

Pendants & Gems 

In the meantime please take a look at Mp3s and Audio Talismans – updated list is available at seductionmagicflow.com.

1 Pendant Extra Orgone Composite Large (approximatelly $149

1 Pendant Extra Orgone Composite Large (approximatelly $149
Shipping with Global Express Shipping ($20)

Pendant enhanced with one microSD card 16GB (about 1100 audio talismans files) ($30)
You can choose audio talismans from the library.

Large size pendants are up to 64x (2015 pendants was able to hold only 14x !!)

Time of production: 6-12 days (usually up to 4-6 days); + shipping:
– Global Express shipping 2-6 days worldwide without weekends (as Global Express claims) 
(list of Countries where Global Express is available).
– Registered Mail shipping 1-3 weeks, but usually: USA, EU 1-2 weeks maximally

 If you have any questions feel free to ask here:

Pendants are made upon order, if you are interested in this amazing opportunity – use below Contact Form:

We are not shipping any devices or pendants to these Countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Ukraine, Indonesia

if more people could know about your pendants (14x) we could do the world’s revolution


Additional notes:

60x, previous pendants hold max 14x power and some people consider them as powerful,

current ones hold 60x and it is really in some cases overkill (especially for sensitive people).

I must admit that I don’t offer refunds to the countries other then these:

Australia Iceland Singapore
Austria Israel Slovakia
Belgium Canada Slovenia
Brazil South Korea Switzerland
Croatia Lithuania Sweden
Denmark Luxembourg Turkey
Estonia Latvia USA
Finland Malta Malta Hungary
France Germany Italy
Spain New Zealand United Kingdom
Netherlands Hong Kong
Ireland Portugal

Only because even Global Express Mail (2-6 days) and Registered Mail are pretty safe – I seen that in countries which are not listed here quite often is low standard of their national, local Post Offices, I can’t guarantee delivery.

By the way for all pendants and devices I have sent (since 2014) – all has been delivered – and to each order I attach tracking code.

* Also payments for countries not listed at above list – only via Western Union, other countries via Paypal. Indeed I must add Russia as well because I have sent few things there and also has been delivered.

I do not recommend asking for refund in case that my post office’s monitoring says it’s has been delivered – since I can charge objects remotely with positive energies – I can also charge with negative energies – but so far I don’t had any occasion to charge with negative energies – and hopefully it will be not required, especially that what you give you receive – creating negative forces usually create back-fire and even the item will be destroyed, 2-5% can back to devices (and 0,02-0,05% to me). Better creating positive world, so future will be better.

FAQ on how to use these pendants / gems / stones – other creations.

since many pendants are large size, you may as well keep them in your pocket.
right side of the body would be the best, according to chinese medicine, but not only,
right = male = it gives more alphavibes
left = female = more charismatic
choose the right side of the body for more intiative in action, motivation in these fields for which is energetic tool [pendant, gem]
the left would be more applicable for example before and during negotiations, the difficult ones,
wearing the on chest [heart chakra, center chakra of the body] tend to balance energies and often works on much deep level [emotions, mind belifs]
while left or right side gives the effect: from change energy field to change mind beliefs
wearing on chest seems to works a bit into both factors: from change energy field and change mind beliefs at the same time.
Time of wearing:
As long as you feel it’s comfortable for you,
however if you plan with determination change your mind, therefore your reality as well,
then 3 hours per day 1 pendant/gem must be near your body – ideally if for 30-40 days. but of course if you keep using it thru 8 hours it will be the best.
Please take care to not chi-overload / stress-out yourself – for this regular grounding would be most applicable.
There are two schools, 1st one – made more up to people that are in difficult situation,
try to use it as often as possible – and it can give sense of relief of current problems, issues.
The 2nd school is about consequence, so you treat it as metaphyscial pill, or medicament, and use it regulary, at regular basis.
[the two schools/approach to using tools also is applicable to mp3s, and audio talismans].

Question:  eXtreme Love Pendant v.2 I need to know about this service and how it works and how it works?:

These are pretty powerful items.

Not just a piece of orgonite with fancy elements.
They are a bit ugly in compare to those which are made by some orgonite jewellery’s vendors,
each pendant include up to 64 energy cores if it can be name it like that,
and each pendant is double charged for add more metaphysical powers.
Just not piece of the art.
1. By changing energy body indirectly mind is changing.
2. By using it; draw particular fields of energies, and making synchornicities, in this case love’s ones.
I don’t promise instant sex, only the tools that lead to possible outcomes. Good if you have basic seduction knowledge,
in most cases Love pendants gives huge amount of sexual charisma, excitement, and other powers like trust, etc etc