In this section you may find Rife Healing Mp3s charged with energies for health, balance, detox. Topics like removing parasites, molds, yeasts, candida, etc etc.
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There are:
  • Sine Wave Rife
  • Square Wave Rife (more intense, powerful)

Both Sine as Square are charged up to:
  • 1x
  • 5x
Charged mp3s are with these Audio Spells:
  • YHWH Health
  • YHWH Immortality and Anti-Aging

Not Charged Sine wave Rife files:

Rife - Candida 1.mp3
Rife - Candida 2.mp3
Rife - Candida 3.mp3
Rife - Yeast General (also see Candida).mp3
Rife - Yeast General V.mp3

Not Charged Square wave Rife files:

Rife Square - Candida 1.mp3
Rife Square - Candida 2.mp3
Rife Square - Candida 3.mp3
Rife Square - Yeast General (also see Candida).mp3
Rife Square - Yeast General V.mp3

Above mp3s are also charged up to 1x and 5x (if different folders).

At total 30 mp3s files (in six folders) in one ZIP archive. Use freeware 7zip to get access to these files.

For receive health benefit from these files listen to Sine Wave for 40 minutes - three times per day.

Square Wave can be listen only 40 minutes per day - however if you want more strong effect listen up to three times per day.

After 1-3 days - there should be change - however to achieve stable effect listen up to 14 days.

Listen only via headphones. Audio talismans can be used at pen-drive - but please use it wisely and carefully.

These are experimental mp3s; no FDA statements.


Please use them wisely and only on your own responsibility.

Files are copyrighted and works for you and your blood-relatives.

$19 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=Dkctgwy from beginning of new Year 2019 it will be $29

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