Psi Charged Item FAQ

  1. Can you explain how it works?

It’s basically simple with seducer, wealth or protection gem,

it has subtle energetic potential and activate near human body, the gem itself is programmed for achieving something, or programmed with vibrations for certain goal,
if you keep it near your body it starts resonate with this vibration, thru your energy body your mind is affected,
and therefore when your mind is changed indirectly thru your energy body, the outside reality get’s changing.
Some people believe that carrying coffee beans brings luck, but it really does because coffee beans have very good vibrations, positive ones,
the same as pure quartz crystal,
what is the different: the level of psi energy, seducer or protection gems are charged in psionic way with a lots of power,
this is why usually orgonite based gems charged with psi energy directed with specific energies are more powerful than quartz crystal or coffee beans.
Of course each person have own levels of feeling, for some people coffee beans are enough, for others quartz crystals are not enough
so searching for something more powerful,
I indeed can prepare powerful gem, for the max power up to 7 days for creation is required.