Seducer Gem v.6

Seducer Gem v.6

There is available an enhanced version of Seducer Gem v.5 (link is here) – all settings and energies remain the same except these:

  • New Type of special resin making it very subtle
  • Some sun absorbing orgone composition on top
  • One microSD card with audio talismans (you chose which ones)
  • Double Charging with VirtualGodCaster Standard
  • Time of creation is up to 10-14 days.

Audio talismans can be chose from SMF’s catalogue without any additional payments – however there is fee for microSDs card itself.

Seducer Gems based upon orgone composite especially with rose quartz.

Seducer Gem v.6 without microSD card – $99

Fees for microSD cards:

16GB – $15

32GB – $20

64GB – $35

128GB – $55

This item is made upon order.

Registered Mail Shipping 7-14 days

Global Express Shipping (2-7 business days):

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity please kindly contact with us through below form to discuss your desired settings of Seducer Gem v.6:

(Payment via Paypal or optionally Western Union).