Charged permanently in help of two devices; 1). Ennochian Psi Item Charger and 2). Psi Etheric Charger – the programming keeps at least 200 years, can’t be undone, there is only possibility to add new energies.




Each Seducer Gem has set of five Energies that are most apply for improve seduction game. Optionally you may request from five up to 15 energies. List of all energies is here: SMF’s all-available-energies





Each gem has Combat System which protect gem against any low vibrational energies that may came from the owner of gem or other people around. Even if used for 2 years – the initial programming keep the same.





Each Seducer Gem is charged many times to ensure maximum effect. Charging is with Real Energies and the power output is from Level 1 up to Lever 4. It’s Ennochian Magic based upon Archangels that assists while Energizing process.





Five Recommended Energies

  • Extreme Attraction – this has similar power output to 700ct but it’s for attraction, the extreme attraction, and main goal is: sex. It can be something insane, (of course set for attracting/manifesting women for love/sex relationships).

  • Approach Women and Talk to them easily – Liquid Self Confidence with Women – releasing all blocks related for example to fear of rejection, etc etc and give kind of motivation mind-set to freely approach women and freely talk to them. With elements of flirting. Also giving kind of attitude that man do not seek for instant sex, and just keep positive, open-minded, flirting, joking, not serious, loose, fluffy talk. (so for sure release blockages in 5th Thorat chakra). Unpredictable. Additonal background idea (second layer): And yes, it also removed fear of rejection – in this way it would be good if this somehow putting on the first place the user, so giving him strong sense of identity, strong personality, and also ability to not taking himself so serious, so able to be flirtious, free-minded, like Jesus said: „be like those childern” which he means: be free, be centred with your heart, not follow by your mind limitations, or at least I think there is something in that once user overcome his mental/mind limitation and start be spontanous as his heart is, he can talk, joke, and have fun – like all those fears of rejections, other negative states goes from mind, negative mental talk, etc.

  • No fear with women – release all fears, anxieties, wrong beliefs, energies, attachments, related to women – for being very confident around them, remove guilt related to women in men. Remove guilt, feeling of guilty and fear regarding women. Healing mind-set about women,seduction and sex. Being confident no matter what. It’s mostly about removing sexual guilt.

  • Make women around me horny – thru this energy field making a girl becoming horny, during the date, or while talking to them, optionally it make all women around horny. Also it does not affect the user – but mostly them 🙂

  • Called seductive smile – The purpose of the energy , to smile a lot and being very seductive. It would also indirectly works as digital anti-depresant, to make someone more positive, witty, seductive, happy, etc etc. 

Five Additional Recommended Energies

  • Yahweh I need Get Laid Spell – manifesting opportunity to get laid as fast as possible. Or finding sexual satisfaction as Yahweh can shows another way, across the time, across the entire world, or over/on top of other people say or think.

  • Yahweh Sexual Satisfaction & Excitement. General excitement vs. Motivation. Seeing possibilities and fire up motivation to achieve goals. Become master of own motivations. Mix of sexual excitement and general excitement that lead to run into activities – it also attract/affect different parts of the brain, and is related to excited motivation, willingly achieving something, with easy, effortlessly, also with kind of removing or not seeing worrying, complaining, etc etc.

  • Being cocky&funny, humorous, excellently witty, and wise. Resourceful. To women unpredictable therefore very intrigued. Having replay to everything in any discussion, mastery of conversation with both men as women.

  • Ultimate Legendary Attention – next level game – with inner deep game. Ability to hide attention, manipulate own attention, attention/energy games (where attention goes there energy is going). Control own attention by will-power and elements of tai-chi/chi-kung. Can be useful for: seduction, making women approach the user, as well in direct or internet sales, dealing with people, martial arts, and many other application, chi-kung, etc etc.

Five Add-on Recommended Energies

  • Attract New Love

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Trust

  • Irresistible to Others

  • Flirting Power and being Romantic

  • Excellent Communication Skills

It can be optimized with three pictures of your favorite women type pictures – but it will be rather Gem for Attract Specific Type of Women and it will create an virtual copy of three women’s energies on pictures for ‘sexual energy exchange’ in help of this Energy:

Making Virtual Succubies/Girlfriends for sexual energy exchange and sexual experiences with different women, one or many at once in help of Item Charger Device for creating physical objects – wear magical object near body: giving: sex time (the same that people pay on sex cams), vivid sexual images, visualizations, feelings, pleasure – only positive ones, that creating positive synchronizations – and all these according to the up to 5 pictures put on top of this sigil, which lays on Item Charger device – so its programmed with up to 5 pics of women 😀 for creating virtual girlfriends objects – and yes, other people or women tends to see this unconsciously as user has a lots of girlfriends, etc etc – and yes, 3 additional sigils/energies are allowed, so it can be optimized for something else, from intuition, thru attract money or so, so these three sigils will give kind of character to “new virtual girlfriend-object-succubie”, but this succubie that draw energy, but always learn user something, so its like PerfectSpiritualNypmh. Important is that this Energy making a virtual copy of only the positive energies of these women, woman and instead of disturb the space/energy fields of different women, enjoying the all above is safe environment of succubies created upon energy of these women/woman, I think it is better, kind of virtual copy, which will be also enhanced with energy from sigils, or pentacles, like 3rd Aun or 2nd Venus, images/pics. I could imagine that it sounds crazy. It also works as well with other stuff, like mp3s and audio talismans, There is also the possibility to creating „magic dolls” like the ones that can be treat as virtual friends, sex-mates, etc – so I thought, it would be very cool option for many people, to having like this physical representation of virtual girlfriend, AND YES, to NOT making the users getting into ISOLATION, it ALSO draw to him women, like for getting laid, or new girlfriends, in real physical world.

How to use:

Instruction how to use it is very simple. For making more agressive effects from women’s end – you can keep this gem in your right pocket – they could be very imposing towards you and act like they really want being approached, or some even can start fluff talk, it this case please talk with them for awhile and make good rapport – and possibly take their email on telephone number by asking indirectly for it. For making less agressive effects – keep it in your left pocket – it will give you more charisma and magnetic appeal.
Gem is wearable and you can keep it on your chest – it gives most stable and guarantee effects.

These Gems activate your energy field with some delay in compare to Pendants available at this website. The delay time when your energy body tune into the energies represented by these Gems usually takes up to 1-2 hours. After this time if you keep using it effects gets stronger and stronger over the time. It can be considered as small lust gem.

This gem is loaded with sex powers and it’s power is permanent, it’s also has combat system, which fight with all negative energy and convert them into positive ones.

What others said

We have received few feedbacks from people about these gems – all of them said that energy is tangible and they definitely works. These persons also shared with us that gems started working after 1-2 hours when the energy will bond with the energy of user. The gems for Attract Favorite Type of Women according to one user tend to attract about 40% of women similar on the pictures and other women seems to be “magically” exactly in type of the user. The same user also reported that some women act very challengingly – so ideally if you can take the action. All people that have sent feedback reported that effects with usage at regular basis within 2-3 days gets to the apogee and then drop a bit – through next days it keep a bit below maximum effects like mind tend to accustom to the effects. One person suggested to keep using it especially when going out and remember to wear it about one hour before walk. Two people confirmed that making pauses in using gem of 2 days per week boost the effectiveness.

Misc Notes

There are four levels of charging and for sensitive people Level 1 is recommended. For less sensitive from Level 2 up to Level 4. Please also take care of yourself so you are sure you look attractive. If you see any women around shows common signs of interests – try to approach and talk to her. If you don’t like approaching, making the first move – AND in your Country it’s popular that women approach men than ask for additional energy named as “Seduction Z – Women Approach Me”.

Our Charging Techniques are very stable and safe and all Energies that we used for charging add the REAL powers. This product guarantee it’s effectiveness – in case you are in-sensitive to energy please mention that you want MAX possible power of Level 4.

  • Gain Sexual Confidence

  • Talk with women easily

  • Overcome approach anxiety

  • Boost your self-confidence

  • Increase chances to Get a Girlfriend and Lover

  • Enjoy extreme attraction and charms

  • Radiate with love attraction energies anywhere

  • Be visible for eye contact with women

  • Become outgoing and attractive

Gem is made out of Rose Quartz which is excellent for: 

-activate Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Additionally dissolving emotional problems, fears, resentments, and improve entire aura with universal love frequencies/resonance.

-Boost Self-esteem and self-love, even self-care. Create profound sense of fulfillment. Opens for give and receive love from others.

It has metal border, metal neck-chain (50cm = 19 cal total lenght), two point obelisk shape [it focus energy on both ends of Seducer gem]. Obelisk is: 3,5cm x 1cm [1,37cal x 0,4cal].

Can be used as normal element of jewelry (it’s pretty, nice done) and no one of your friends or other people could ever thought that it’s magic object. Eventually some people may comment on how good you’re looking with it [they sense something from the item [unconsciously], but they can’t name it]. The psychology study shows that best way to avoid misunderstanding between people which are not familiar to this kind of charged items with energies for achieve particular goals – is just don’t telling anyone what it is, keep this secret to yourself. If next person comments your gem 10th time in a row you may smile gently and say: “I know, I love this gem, it’s my lucky one”.

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Cost of one Seducer Gem v.5 (up to 15 Energies) is $79

  • All gems are made upon order

  • Time of creation is 2-7 days

  • Shipping with Global Express ($20) takes 2-6 business days (according to Global Express)

  • Shipping with Registered Mail ($10) takes 1-3 weeks maximally (usually 2 weeks)

  • Payments via PayPal or Western Union

  • Seducer Gem v.5 looks as on this picture –>

  • 10 Gems in stock. Sales are STOPPED till 15 August 2018