Bliss Engine Super Faith 3

Super Faith 3

There are two mp3s for strenghten faith in general and faith in Real and True God – for example for supercharge your prayers and for overall success in life. Both mp3s are recorded with upgraded High Chi Power Engine into Bliss Engine. Bliss Engine is strongly powered Engine and include complex programming for achieving goals. It releases a lots of postive energy. First mp3 is recorded with general energy profile and second one additionally based on the Real God’s Name taken from Ancient Scrolls (these original ones that has not be fortunatelly changed and edited by ealry Church Father) – so you can be sure that in second mp3 you got the absolutelly True Energy of Real God. That’s the same God which is Holy Bible, but as you know Holy Bible was changed just many many times by various popes, etc etc. I can say that our current Holy Bible’s are changed in around 50-60%. For example there are quotation in Bible about reincarnation, and a lot of them. When you don’t know about it – you read Holy Bible and don’t know. But when you know that there is a lot of fragments about reincarnation and while reading you keep it in your mind – you easily can find these fragments. The same goes with Holy Spirit. Why Church Father cover someone under name of Holy Spirit? Who is that? The same as it goes with God’s Name. Most translations use “God” or “Heavenly Fahter” – while in original Bible is name Yahwe. Why translators hide it? Also there is much more fragments which are related to books written by Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin.


Anyway both mp3s have the same very strong suggestion, affirmation and here is full list (2nd mp3 is enhanced with True God’s Name):

  • Dear Yahwe I put myself completly up to you [it’s very important suggestion to create Super Faith, also repeat this affirmation one time dialy after you wake up]

  • I blieve in you Dear Yahwe strongly and powerfully

  • my faith is strong and powerful

  • Dear God Yahwe strenghten my faith

  • my faith get more and more strong over the time

  • I am very tenacoius in my faith

  • my communication with God Yahwe through my heart is very successful and effortless

  • I communicate wtih God Yahwe thru my heart

  • Dear God Yahwe please dewll in my heart

  • I have very strong faith in Yahwe

  • Dear God Yahwe strenghten my faith [another energy coding]

  • Dear God Yahwe overfill my life with your presence

  • God Yahwe loves me.

  • God Yahwe leads me

  • I am guided by God Yahwe

  • God Yahwe is Pure Love.

  • God Yahwe is Everywhere

  • God Yahwe sends to me Energy of Pure Love and Light

  • I feel presence of True God Yahwe [very subtle energy]

  • My prayers to God Yahwe have been manifested.

  • I know how to pray to God Yahwe [here you have to know that you don’t need to repeat and chatter pointelss formulas like most people do, it’s not prayer – true prayer is when you first of all – telling it directly to God, and you are honest and sincere, you don’t need to repeat it over and over again, but you just have feeling and faith that you prayer will be delivered to realization. You can go to forest and speak to tree like to speak to God and honestly asking him for what you want, you can go on wide field or to your garden. God also gives some subtle signs like the rustle of the wind or by birds. You can always ask God for little sign and He will do. He is very lovely and helpful. As for prayer you can do it when you exhale – with sense of relief but it must be honest and sincere. I don’t know but if you were some kind of god you wouldnt like to hear pointless chatter formulas – its nosense. When you do these formulas its more based on your own belief and on your onw faith [some type of affirmation supported by strong belief] – and for some people it works – however if you do this simple honest and sincere prayer to God – it will works much faster and it will has much more strong effect – and you don’t need to spent hours on chanting these quite popular “prayers”. God wants just be your friend and want to be treaten like friend. He loves to talk, and if you want to improve your faith, talk with Him as well.]

  • God Yahwe learns me what is the True Love

  • Pure God’s Love overfill my heart

  • Pure God’s Love overfill my body, mind and soul.

  • Pure God’s Love heal my whole life.

  • God Yahwe is infinitelly Good and Righteous

  • God’s Love is Endless


Just rememer that true faith can be created in your mind. The field of your mind when you cultivate it. And your heart is the place your God’s Yahwe should be and where you can communicate with Him. Also heart is the best communicator while mind is really illusive, tricky.

Both mp3s are very powerful. Listen up to 1 hour per day – or you want faster results then listen more. If you feel they are too much powerful for you – listen less.

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(general energy) – Mp3 is 8:32 long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 20,4MB

SuperFaith3.1.mp3 (energy enhanced with God’s Name) – Mp3 is 7:30 – 320kbps – 44Hz – 18MB

2 mp3s in one ZIP file. For get access to files, please use freeware software like 7zip.

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