Bliss Engine Win The Lottery 2

Win The Lottery 2

made with Bliss Engine v.2

There is one mp3 that contains audio spells for winning at lottery number choosing games and for having great intuition. There is also energy or 3rd Sun streamed into this audio track. Idea of winning is approached from energetic point of view. Generally energy around lottries is pretty dense and it is difficult to predict right numbers. Within the mp3 there are power words and suggestions which alow listener get through this desne energy and tune in by choosing right numbers. There is small script also for being successfull at playing and choosing scratches.

Mp3 is made with Bliss Engine v.2 – so there are increased chances for success. The key is listening it at regular basis. The price of mp3 is low because lotteries and scratches are really unpredictable streams of income and there is not guarantee that someone wins. Anyway by listening to this mp3 your chances will grow and you should have much more “playing luck” then before.

Here is sample list of suggestion:

  • I believe deeply that I can win large amounts of money in lotteries

  • I attract magnetically large amounts money into my life

  • My mind go through dense energy of lotteries and I choose winning numbers

  • I won millions in lottery games

  • I always choosing winning numbers

  • My success repeat over and over again

  • I am multi-millionaire

  • I attract extreme luck in number choosen lottery games

  • I instinctly choose the right scratches with big wins

  • I magnetically attract money

  • I mangetically attract great luck in any lotteries I play

  • My mind go through dense energy of any lottery and choose the right numbers or scratches

  • I am extremely rich

  • I effortlessly attract success and money flowing to all the time

  • I won millions in lottery

  • [10+ other money attraction suggestions]

Energies within the track:

  • 3rd Sun for attract glory, riches, wealth and renown

  • Audio spell for success with lottery games

  • Audio spell for increase correct intuition

Listening Tips: Listen 30-60 minutes per day for at last 14-30 days for stable results.



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