An mp3 based upon Aratron 8000x and enhanced with Silent 4D Image Mp3s also in help of Angelic Bliss Engine v.7 (with chi suggestions).

This is the package of three mp3s:

1. 8000xAratronMindTelepathy.mp3
2. 8000xAratronMindTelepathy100x.mp3
3. 8000xAratronMindTelepathy400x.mp3

All three ones include chi suggestions overlay with Angelic Bliss Engine v.7 as follow:

1. I contact with Aratron during sleep
2. I talk telepathically with Aratron easily
3. I gather crucial information from Aratron
4. I have sleep visions and receive information from Aratron during sleep.

The version 100x is enhanced with 100x Aratron Silent4D Image Mp3 with the same chi suggestions. So it way more powerful.

The version 400x is enhanced with 400x Aratron Silent4D Image Mp3s and is most powerful.

Please use the 100x and 400x carefully and never treat as TOY.

In case of stress out – please make a break.

Audio Spells included with chi suggestions (Angelic Bliss Engine v.7)

1. Heart to Heart Telepathy
2. Psi Faith
3. Become Medium
4. Akashic Records
5. Aratron version one
6. Aratron version two

Aratron energy description:

1 He is able to turn anything you please to stone instantly, whether animal or plant, such that it retains its appearance.

2 He turns treasures into coal, and coal back into treasures.

3 He gives familiars with definite power.

4 He teaches alchemy, magic, and healing.

5 He unites pygmies [gnomes, Elementals of Earth] to people, the hairy men.

6 He makes one invisible.

7 He makes the infertile fertile, and gives longevity.

Files are copyrighted and are good for you are your blood-relatives only.


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