Convert any file into manifestation. In another words, turn any image, video or text file into your real physical life. I know it sounds pretty odd, but it’s possible in thank of Audio Talismans tech.

this is made upon Silent Bliss Nature Tree and as it goes with it’s background it’s version 1. It has general purpose to manifesting any type of files into real physical life.

and this Audio Spell is included:

131. Convert any file into Audio Talisman (just any, RTF, or video, of sound, pictures) –

This AT (Audio Talisman made upon it) must be put into folder named as „ATsManifestation999” and all files that will be in that folder on any drive (microSD, pen-drive, phone’s memory) will be manifested, but person needs to keep the drive near the body.

If there are videos, it may help manifesting videos. If on videos are expensive cars it may manifesting expensive cars.

If there are RTF or PDF file about any topic, it may help manifesting it, (or if it’s made for learning, it may help accumulate this knowledge much faster).

Finally it Convert other vendors subliminals, any affirmations, even your own, any audio (can be song) into Audio Talisman by keeping them in this special folder „ATsManifestation999” along with copies of this special „converting” Ats (for boost power person need to by copy and paste function add more files of ConveranyfileintoAudioTalisman within above folder.
There is no much limitation on which file can be manifested. There isn’t be any problem with most common files, like:

Music: ogg, mp3, flac, wave
Video: gif, avi, mov, mp4,
Images: png, bmp, jpg, pdf
Text: tex, doc, rtf, docx, pdf

You may even record you own affirmations and put there. Or even write them down in text file.
It will convert literally everything: videos, pictures, subliminals, documents like RTF/PDF even binaurals and reiki energy should works with it too.

The following “x” strength / power versions and folders are inside the package:
ATsManifestation999\ (folder to which your files and ConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalismans copies must be kept on drive)

  • 1000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 100xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 10xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 12,000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 16,000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 20,000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 2000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 200xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 20xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 30,000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 3xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 40,000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 4000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 400xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 40xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 5xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 8000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 800xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3
  • 80xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3


(You can make many of “ATsManifestation999” folders at one drive, just make sure that files for manifesting are inside of each one

To Keep all folders at the same drive it will works that way:


“d:” is the name of your drive.

just make sure the manifestation files and files for manifesting are within this special named folder).

To make it works You have to copy this folder “ATsManifestation999” in any location path at any drive and put inside this folder your desired files for manifestation and preferably amount of copies of “x”ConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3.

For example you copy the folder: “ATsManifestation999” on your drive and put inside:
Three copies of 16,000xConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman.mp3 and along of it you copy into the same folder pics of hot booty women.
That’s all. Keep the pen-drive near your body and watch your reality.

I have checked it with 150 pictures of how women, gosh, really works, just after 1 hour if someone have an “eye” to catch the difference.

Also I tired it with Gifs with big booty, pretty interesting, seen them everywhere just after 4 hours.

It also works upon any videos.

By saying this, it’s literally manifesting all content, anything it could be – so choose the files for manifesting very carefully !!! – I would imagine if you take pics of fast cars you will encounter more of them at your way.

There shouldn’t be problem with Manifesting Board files as well. However you can just take the pictures of your goals and it should works too.

This can be use as “on the go” manifesting tool at your phone. Dependently from situation you can delete and and new files for manifesting.

This is not for listening. Only use as Audio Talisman.

Desired period of using is at least 14-30 days. However fast effect for those who have an ability to see the “effects” faster (kind of 3rd eye ability), most of sensitive people have it build-in, can see the changes even in attitude within 10 minutes after using it (especially with highest acceptable “x” strength / power) and see the changes in reality within one hour.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lots of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

Tips: If you want to pick up your mood – try add to the folder pictures of smiling people (Especially recommended at Autum but not only) –
Also good idea is to take old pictures on which smiling and show joy of yourself.

If you want to “sit there and do it”, you could take a picture while you at work, this also should attract desired output.


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