No Shame and Trauma Removal 120x MP3sATs

made with Hypnotic Bliss Engine v.6

(mix of Bliss Engine v.6 and Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2)

One main MP3 to erase traumatic experiences, traumatic mind states and for trauma removal – and second one for deep clearing of shame, guilty – both made with the same technique of creation as the famous RemoveNegativeInfluenceV2

Mp3s Package include these files:

Silent4D Image Mp3s:

  • 120xNoShame.mp3
  • 120xTraumaRemoval.mp3

and hypnotic chi suggestions MP3s recorded with Bliss Engine v.6 supported by Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2:

  • NoShame_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3
  • TraumaRemoval_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3

120xNoShame.mp3 – is made upon this extreme energy:

45. Remove/Destroy guilt and shame. feeling of guilty and fear. Archaic, religion guilt, primal guilt, feeling of guilty, guilt as our imperfection, something on which world’s religions building power-control over people, one of the most powerful emotion in human (guilt), seems like we born with it, or it’s deeply encoded into our “modern” societies.

and 120xTraumaRemoval.mp3 is made upon this:

48. Remove any emotional, deep trauma – removing it from mind and from consciousness (body) (these are for example internal organs, muscles, skin, etc etc).

These MP3s (NoShame_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3, TraumaRemoval_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3) are made / are enhanced with these Audio Spells:

King Solomon Energies:

  • Against Dangers
  • Against Possession and Obsession
  • Attract Protection Talisman
  • For Victory
  • Psychic Powers
  • Wealth & Fame
  • Wealth & Honor

eXtreme Energies:

  • Dark Armada
  • Detox of Mind and Body
  • Anti Hex
  • Awaken God
  • Eradicate Nonsense
  • YHWH Heart Health
  • Anti Naive
  • Repulse Negativity
  • No Emotional Storms
  • Jupiter No Explanations
  • No Fear
  • No Guilt, Shame
  • Pre-Natal Jing
  • Release Negative, Intrusive Mind Beliefs
  • Trauma Removal
  • YHWH Brain and Digestive System
  • Killer Shield
  • Restore Lost Soul

NoShame_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3 and TraumaRemoval_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3 have the same All-Chakras-Cleansing frequencies within the music audio track and have these chi suggestion for:


  1. Removal of shame, guilty from all chakras one by one.
  2. Removal of shame, guilty from mind, body and consciousness.

the same TraumaRemoval_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3 has these:

  1. Removal of trauma, deep traumatic emotions from all chakras one by one till crown chakra
  2. Removal of any trauma, deep traumatic experiences, emotions from mind, body and consciousness.

It’s considered as strong and powerful, especially these tracks enhanced with Bliss Engine v.6 and Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 – because of 120x Silent4D Image Mp3s.

Listening tips: Listen each, main Mp3 (made with Bliss Engine v.6) in “loop” mode for about one hour per day –  for at least 14-30 days. You can listening to these more in case you are feel comfortable – however do not overdose.

These Mp3s (NoShame_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3 and TraumaRemoval_120x_BlissEngineV6.mp3) are at the same time the audio talisman except Silent4D Image Mp3s (120xNoShame.mp3, 120xTraumaRemoval.mp3), which are only for listening via headphones or speakers.

Please use them wisely and only on your own responsibility.

Pre-release price: $29 – finally within 2 weeks it will be $59


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