Weigth Loss 432Hz up to 120,000x Plus

These are MP3 and AT (Audio Talismans) made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic (energy to audio) without chi suggestion. Pure stream of energy written to sound tracks – for weight loss.

There are different “x” power for people which are sensitive and not sensitive to energy. This is the “plus” version which is a bit more powerful than previous audio up to 120,000x.

All files are made upon this eXtreme energy:

  • 130. Weigth Loss with Increase muscle mass building and burning body fat.

Following “x” power version are inside the ZIP package:

  • 10,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 100,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 1000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 100xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 10xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 120,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 1xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 20,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 2000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 200xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 20xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 3xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 40,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 4000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 400xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 40xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 5xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 60,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 80,000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 8000xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 800xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3
  • 80xWeigthLoss_432Hz.mp3

Each file is recorded with 432Hz – for listening, the Audio Talismans have this frequency too.

To making it works – listen it in “loop” mode at least 14 days up to 30 days (about two hours per day). Ideally would be if you continue listening up to 60-90 days. However first effects may appears up to 14th day, this should motivate you to keep listening – or using as audio talisman. Can be listen at low volume.

You can listen more if you wish. However please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Higher “x” versions are powerful, so please remember about drinking pure water and in case of “chi-overload” – decrease amount “x” to lower version.

Each file works as:

  • Mp3 for listening via headphones, earphones and speakers
  • Audio Talisman (use it at any memory drive, like pen-drive, microSD card, etc etc.

It can be used with other Audio Talismans at the same time.

Pre-release $24.00 (within two weeks it will be $59)

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