Confidence Out Of The Box Silent Bliss Engine Mp3

because of many of you have RockStartSelfConfidence mp3, there is $19 upgrade to newest version of this download. It is Silent Bliss Engine with brainwave Out of The Box.

with these audio spells:
– ipos (bold and witty)

– marchosi (dominance)
– successful completion
– rabid will-power
– self-confidence
– ultra domination and self-confidence
– no fear
– overcome (destroy) hesitation
– inner dynamic, inner health, mental dynamic
– mastery of chi kung (mastery of own chi energy)
This audio is build completely differently and previous Confidence download and contains lastest discovery about Brainwaves charged with Silent Bliss Engine – which give rapid changes in mind and energy body.
Out of the box brainwave change mind thinking patters. Please use it carefully.

Some more notes about this mp3:
It is Silent Bliss Engine and it is not contains any affirmations – only pure streamed energies into the audio track. Recently I have received feedback that 4x version is most recommended and the version 12x may put into deep trance and make you tired. So 12x version only for those who are completely not sensitive to energy. Please use it carefully.
Ipos energy sounds well.
Indeed I do not wrote it or mention – but all Slient Bliss Engine also works in “audio talisman” mode. If you make more copies of it, carry them near you and listen to it at the same time – effect will be far more strong.
This audio is also pretty effective because it’s change brain pattern. But please don’t use 12x if this is too strong – it would make you tired – in this case 4x would be better.
This two mp3s (4x and 12x) are like sample – therefore not full price. It could works excellently well and similarly to the OrderOfDomination Mp3, and contains energies to make you bold and confident. It is enough to listen to it like 1-2 per day for 14-30 days. It can be listen with open eyes during other activities – but you can’t listen to it while driving a car or doing any other things which require your full attention.


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