Manifest Any Video Main v.3 – Final Version!

Manifest any video (by watching video, and listen to an mp3 made upon this energy, or use audio talisman made upon this energy, and wear pen-drive with these audio talismans while watching video which want to manifest) 

1. For listen via headphones (at low volume, so you can hear sound of video)

and as Audio Talisman (SAT).

The best usage is two at the same time.

Indeed, the Silent Bliss Engine version can be multiplied into many copies, however enhanced with SAT works the best.

Usage is simple:
1. Play on your headphones’ audio for listening
2. Wear pen-drive with SAT on your chest
3. Watch any video at the same time
4. Enjoy your manifestations in real physical life!

There are versions in each – for people who seek for more power, 17x or 27x could be pretty good.

It doesn’t matter if:
– this is video, slideshow, live broadcast, etc etc
– only positive things will be manifested
So in the nutshell it is the same idea as in version 1 and 2. However, it is build upon completely new energy, and with new current and amazing tech.
It took a lot of time, creating version 3, but it is finally done.

It is general and main purpose manifestation mp3 and SAT – upon your requests it can be customized to other topics, like attraction, wealth or something about protection/healing.

Just to for simple clarification.

Copy 50 copies of SAT and Silent bliss ,into pen drive and listen to silent bliss;  and manifestations will speed up and come to physical reality? That’s how I understood it , for maximum power.

Yes, you got it well.

I will repeat the best scheme:

1. Put the SAT version on your pen-drive.
2. Put Silent Bliss Engine copies as well on your pen-drive
3. Load Silent Bliss Engine mp3 and listen at low volume when you watch video (low volume but not too much low, so you can hear it)
at the same time, having SAT and Silent Bliss Engine copies on your pen-drive (the best if on chest).

Above scheme gives max results.

Of course, to boost effect watch videos of your choice (or slideshows) each day for at least 20-30 minutes, the best if 1 time (20-30min) after wake up and 1 time (20-30mins) before going to sleep. 30 days period would bring you amazing results.

would this work also with the older manifest video mp3s?

Yes, it should works will the old ones. However, the current one gives pure and almost perfect mind visualization created by any video, slideshow, etc. I would recommend using version 3.

Also, previous ones, have this “hard/annoying” energy which is too much focused and also based on magic of hermetic, which has some limitations. The current one v.3 is far away and is build upon new magic tech.

which videos out of curiosity? So we can get a baseline of what type?

Just any video you want.

For manifesting more wealth I created this playlist:

Even I have seen that effect/some reality changes happen just after watch them thru 20-30 minutes (and I use only 7x of bliss engine for headphones, without SAT) – the best way to making the result pretty stable is to repeat watching session like 2x per day thru at least 14 days.

It’s works exactly as mind’s visualization.

However, it’s applicable to any video, just make sure that video do not contain any negative content, – even there is some kind of pre-manifesting protection – and it’s set to manifesting only the positive things from videos –
AND the feature which is new – it’s not manifesting bad vibes of people which are seen at these videos (in previous versions 1 & 2 – all things were manifested, even bad vibes) – the version 3 – take from video only positive things – this way it is very safe.
The main version 3 is for all kinds of videos, DVDs,

So for example if you are enough lazy, and you hesitate with joining to Yoga Class, you could take some YouTube videos about yoga exercise, make a playlist and watch it 20-30 mins 2x per day for 14 days, and this would lead you to join the yoga class Smile

About above wealth playlist, after watch it 20-30 minutes, I have seen I was more motivated to work and seen my work’s goals more clearly, and having more enthusiasm.

Files (three versions in each):

SAT (Silent Audio Talisman): $49
17x enhanced with Audio Talisman v.2 (AT2)
27x enhanced with Audio Talisman v.2 (AT2)

Silent Bliss Engine: $49
17x enhanced with Bliss Engine V6
27x enhanced with Bliss Engine V6

For boost power, please make more copies of SAT and optionally more copies of Silent Bliss Engine version.


$59 USD

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Instructions are as follows:

1. choose the right “x” version, which you like at most
a. loop it on headphones
or b. use it as audio talisman, or many copies of it
2. sit comfortably in front of the screen and play the video you want to manifest
or use VR goggles
3. loop video in row for 20 minutes (twice per day [morning and evening]
ideally if your video is 3-4 minutes long
if its length is greater than 3-4 minutes – you need to spend proportionally more time watching.