How to Rake in 10000 Backlinks in a Week

Admit it, everyone loves backlinks. With each new inbound link to your site, Google smiles at the vote of confidence. Your reputation subsequently increases, your search rankings skyrocket – and with it, the number of web visitors to your site. This translates to more clinking in the empty piggy bank. Sounds good? Let’s get down to business.

For the average Joe, there are three boring ways to create inbound links.

The first is the most common: reciprocal linking. You fire an email to a related site and request an exchange of votes. It’s tedious and webmasters tend to tell you to buzz off. Google doesn’t give much value to such backlinks either-they deem such behavior self-serving.

The second way is to spam. Spamming blasts your links into many forums, blogs and directories. You can create almost 2000 backlinks with this method in a week. Ever got those Viagra ads posted on your Honda fansite? The spammers probably thought triangular blue pill spin up your twinturbos more rapidly. You’ve just been spammed.

Finally, the third way is to create linkbait articles. Linkbait is a controversial writeup that compels other webmasters to link to your article. If the article is inflammatory, debatable or insulting, you can rake in nearly 10,000 backlinks a week after every Tom Dick and Harry dissect your article on their blogs. It’s not always healthy for the ego. These days, I no longer use such tired methods to rake in backlinks. I go for a lazier, faster way. I call it PDF Marketing.

FYI, a PDF is a document created by adobe acrobat. Link building using this method requires that you write a truly snazzy 3-4 page article that people would love. Impregnate every page of your article with links to your site. Compile it into a PDF document and upload it to free download sites. Take a glass of lemonade and sit back. That was the hard part. Pretty soon, freeloaders would pick up on the document. They’d enjoy it and post it on their sites. They’d buzz about it. More people would download it. Half of them will stick it into their webs. Then guess what? In a fortnight, you’d have thousands of sites hosting your PDF that links back to your web!

Here’s the best part: Google would love you to bits from all that link love.

Can you already imagine your site tap dancing all the way to loftier search engine rankings?