Magnificent Pillars of Leadership

As we are all readily aware, the strongest-known shape in the world is the triangle. Its three sides rest upon the other, counterbalancing all forces, internal and external.

The power of this three-sided shape is evident throughout the world. Observe how many crystalline structures at the subatomic level are essentially units of three sided molecules. On the macro scope, observe how a stool or any object with three legs is inherently more stable than that with four or more.

From my readings of superior Chief Executive Officers like John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell, the magical number three is also present in the pillars of savvy leadership. A visionary CEO acquires many unique traits, but of those characteristics, three specific attributes must always exist to buoy him above the rest.

A Savvy Integrator. Leaders sit at the lofty helm of their corporations. Like a captain steering a gargantuan ship, the CEO plots a course towards definite locations. Without integrating the various functions of the corporation, the ship flounders like a dying whale.

As an integrator, the leader sets goals, defines priorities, allocates resources and formulates policies. These serve to establish critical operating parameters to keep that corporate ship afloat and ahead of the race. Integration of all corporate functions is the prime mandate of the CEO.

An Insightful Coordinator. No man can accomplish Herculean tasks alone. The best leaders avoid doing everything themselves because they know that their primary role in the corporation is to strategize and set direction. Hence, he coordinates the various activities of the corporate ship by delegating tasks and dispensing information to key personnel. A careful coordinator easily cuts back wastes and costs while skyrocketing a company’s efficiency, thereby leveraging competitive advantage.

Motivator. People. They’re the CEO’s prime asset. Take away the people and the corporate ship becomes a ghost ship, regardless of how high-tech the equipment and state-of-the-art the established systems. People make things run. People bring action! CEOs naturally realize this and understand that motivation is a key directive. He is responsible to keep those under him happy and therefore productive. The CEO judiciously monitors performance levels while implementing a strict code of reward and punishment. The carrot and the stick worked aeons ago. It still works today.

Integrating, coordinating, motivating. These prime directives allow a CEO to weather any storm and take the corporate ship home to port. They are the three pillars of magnificent leadership.

Exceed Global Ltd. was founded on February 1, 1998 by Joseph R. Plazo. Ravenous for knowledge, he earned his MBA from UP in 2002, and his Ph.D from BSU in 2005.

Joseph is a busy man. He had been directing multiple enterprises since he achieved financial independence at 22. While juggling corporate endeavors, he writes books and relaxes with active sports. Airsoft is his passion.

Today, he connects with men and women all over the world to spread the revolutionary gospel of savvy semantics and behavioral change technologies. His rallying cry is Make Life Magic!