Steel Trap Speech Memory

Many people like to help themselves remember information by making up a rhyme for it. While the Rhyme Technique requires a lot of creative energy and a certain talent, all students who like it really take to it. They find it fun to make up rhymes and, let’s face it, if something is fun, you’re more likely to repeat it. How does the Rhyme Technique work? Let’s take the recipe list from above again, only this time let’s try to learn it using this technique:


chicken broth

wild rice

dried apples




Here’s a rhyme to help you remember this list of ingredients:

“Oh, the chicken swam into the broth.

The rice brewed wildly.

The apples dried on walnut husks on the salt and pepper sea.”

If you are musically inclined, you may even find you like to give your rhymes a little tune. Some students who are musicians or composers enjoy the Rhyme Technique. While it may seem complicated, make sure to try it. Maybe you’ll uncover an unknown talent!

Okay, you try. Work out a list of high technology items:


Core 2 Duo Processor


Nividia GeForce 8000 video


Wireless N Wi Fi access

Built In IR

Built In Bluetooth

128 GB Hard disk drive

Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate Operating System

Genuine MS Office 2007 software

Laser mouse (A4 Tech)

Four USB Ports

Epson R230 Color Photo Printer



Wheew, quite a list, eh? But believe me, a rhyme will make everything fall into place… particularly if the rhyme is silly!

Go give it a shot!

Joseph Plazo is a killer success coach with a passion for irresistible NLP techniques and negotiation skills. He helps people find great jobs in the Philippines