Take a Wild Ride

What can truly kill a spirit more than BOREDOM?

For me, there is nothing else worse than being locked in a tiny, dingy jail cell with nothing to do. Most folks I know would rather slave at a high pressure job than rot in isolated boredom.

What makes boredom so appalling? So hideous?

First of all, it’s the way it’s worded as if boredom is an object. We don’t jump into a tub of boredom and then end up bored for the rest of the day. Boredom isn’t a thing. Boredom is a mental process of thoughts. Stop and think about that a second.

*If you’re ever bored, it’s because you’re boring yourself.* Okay okay, here’s where you can begin laughing at yourself– and maybe at me for coming up with such heresy. Finished laughing? Good. Let’s get serious now and finally exterminate the boredom bug.

Boredom doesn’t occur as a result of external events. It’s an internal state of mind that is labeled by a person as “boredom”.

Realize this: we have complete control over our minds. We run the theatre of our lives. So if we wallow boredom, we’re the ones who bumped ourselves down that path. So who’s at fault for boring you? YOURSELF. Come on, and be a man. Admit it.

If you catch yourself boring yourself, remind yourself that you’re *allowing it.

Ricky, feeling dull and bored after a long golf afternoon at the Ayala Heights Country Club, might moan: “Hey Rickyboy, I’m boring myself. This is MY FAULT. I better revitalize my mind and sidetrack to something else so I can achieve a more stimulating emotional state.”

Good friends, sandwiched between your ears lay the greatest computer ever created. Do you realize that its powered down 90% of the time? That’s what scientists say. Geesh. The human race is lazy indeed.

Use your brain, especially if you find yourself bored! Kick boredom’s ass from the inside-out.

Now here’s the real secret to truly pump-priming your life: Much of what you do throughout the day is so habitualy routinary that you meander on a dazed auto-pilot. Your activities go on without conscious thought. This does wonders for simplicity and makes our lives less daunting. BUT YOU RISK BOREDOM by going down such a safe route.

Novelty seduces the brain like Mata Hari. The mind relishes new and stimulating experiences. The key to killing boredom and all its ghosts, therefore, is to *begin to do things differently. RIGHT NOW.

People, what I’m suggesting is to hunker down and engage in activities so varied, you’d feel disoriented at first. Scan your mind for for possibilities and force a new program of behvaior into your powerful brain.

Remember, your rallying cry against the tides of boredom is this: “Do things *differently.”

Let me ask you: Did you awaken and freshen up your dull routinary way? Did you cook the same old meal, chug down that same old coffee? Did you drive the same ole way to work?

I’m betting heaven and earth you did.

From now on, boredom is offlimits on *your mental territory… for *as long you do things differently.

Explore new hobbies. Go bungee jumping. Collect exotic pets. Vary your route to work. Change marital partners. (gotcha! just checking if you were listening)

You do all this because trying new things ignites your mind and readily allows you to experience STIMULATION. Do it now and feel what it’s like to perpetually soar to the heavens.

Gentlemen, from now on, make it a habit to vary your activities. Avoid the rut of routine. Check yourself each day. If you see a damning repetition of some endeavor, kill it and look for something new… otherwise you’re a candidate for debilitating boredom.

So this is your marching order for the day: take charge of your mind and enjoy life. You deserve it

Exceed Global Ltd. was founded on February 1, 1998 by Joseph R. Plazo. Ravenous for knowledge, he earned his MBA from UP in 2002, and his Ph.D from BSU in 2005.

Joseph is a busy man. He had been directing multiple enterprises since he achieved financial independence at 22. While juggling corporate endeavors, he writes books and relaxes with active sports. Airsoft is his passion.

Today, he connects with men and women all over the world to spread the revolutionary gospel of savvy semantics and behavioral change technologies. His rallying cry is Make Life Magic!