Tantric Breathing Techniques For Delightful Nonverbal Communication

Using words to convey feelings is something many women do far better than most men. Since birth, women are trained to talk about feelings, to grasp the language of emotion and rapport.

Men are not. Women want men to meet them on their turf of conveying innermostt feelings. But many men can’t because they’ve never learned how. Yes, men must learn, and many are, but why should all the learning be on men’s shoulders? Can’t women try to understand, appreciate, and converse in the communication modes men use at the same time men are learning how to express and verbalize their feelings?

Okay to readily achieve this, you both may want to try nonverbal communication. Here’s how:

It’s called the breathing together technique: Sit back to back, skin to skin if possible. Close your eyes and Relax. Focus on your partner’s breath. Begin to breathe with her or him. Establish a pattern together of a slow inhalation, followed by several seconds of holding your breath, then a slow exhalation, and finally a moment’s pause before beginning again. Visualize your breath coming in through your nose, going down into your lungs as you inhale, then out through your back and into your partner’s lungs as you inhale, then back into your lungs and completing the circle as you exhale. When your mind tries to distract you, simply focus back on the circle of life you are creating together.

Simple. Free and Totally Effective. This method is derived in part from Tantric Sex methods that attempt to unify the sexes. Breathing in unison forges a rapport on the subconscious level. It creates a sensation of vulnerability, trust and oneness.

Do this once a week an delightfully recharge your relationship!

Joseph Plazo is a renowned success coach. He conducts dating workshops to help men attract women… 24/7!