Valentine’s Week Promo


Today (Sunday 12.02.2023) is the legendary Olivet Discourse, apparently slated the end of the world according to many Christian Sects (Feb 2023) . We dowsed, and the world will not end, but there is a tremendous rush of energy from now until four days.

The Magical Tools we create from today until Wednesday (15.02.2023) will be quadruple power.

Additionally, for any purchase of three Magical Tools:

– XM Spells

– XSigils

– Virtual RadX

– Virtual God Caster

– Virtual God Caster Ultra

– Virtual God Caster Odin

– Demi God Project***

You will receive one for free.

For all Magical Tools, MP3s and Audio Talismans during Valentine’s Week you can receive 25% OFF and discount is active until next Sunday (19.02.2023).

via FastSpring 25% off all products

Discount code VALENTINES25

via Etsy 25% off all products

sale is active within our online store hosted via Etsy:

and you don’t need to enter the code.


***-Demi God Project is now limited due to planets; before purchase, checking compatibility is required.