I Control My Sexual Urges Subliminal By Enki 2 .mp3

Subliminal mp3 with channeled energy of Enki.
Based on script with affirmations to get rid of all sexual addiction.
Loaded with true energy from Spiritual World.

This is the first mp3 here made in help of Enki. It focus on healing mind, body and soul and making listener being free from sex cams, pornography and to gain more self-control and life-control. There are codes of Yahwe energies as well [if you don’t like name ‘Yahwe’, you can call it Highest Energy in the Universe]. Mp3 has blue light energy signature. It is made with passion and powerful faith mind-set and I am sure it will help you understand your current sexual addictions and finally experience authentic healing power that will literally wipe out all negativity related to your sexual addictions, mind control, etc and make you free.

Here is link: https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=Dwicduf