Bliss Engine v.12 become just like the above video. It glows with power and to keep it shortly it’s all that it can do except some minor improvement. Previous Bliss Engines are so energetically charged that walking past them causes a headache.By saying that, work on new, very powerful products is suspended indefinitely.
The year 2024 is the year of change, this too is already apparent.
Furthermore, it is a year of revision and discovery, or expansion of what has been developed in previous years.
Now SMF (seductionmagicflow.com), HT4Y (healingtools4you.com) and new acquisition “XM” (xtrememind.com) will focus on:
– Sacred Harmonics
– Sound Resonance
– and compositions of products already created
– minimal support with Bliss Engines
Monthly products will no longer be posted on Patreon. Furthermore, there will be no arms race to make the strongest recording.
Recent tests of Sacred Harmonics and Sound Resonance have shown that their subtle potential causes changes in the aura that help with transformation; whereas the existing SMF/HT4Y, although very effective, can cause fluctuations in the energy field, which for people sensitive to energy may not be beneficial. Our goal is to make a spinny product so that you will be satisfied, and at the same time create products that reach the most subtle vortices and energy lines, which are, so to speak, the levers of real change. SMF/HT4Y and XM MP3s and Audio Talismans, mostly generate energy amplified with chi energy – this is good, effective, although going deeper you can achieve much more.
For all Patreon members, we offer one Audio Talisman, personalized, based on your affirmation (2-3 sentences). We pledge to perform it by the end of May, as there are some of you. Tests showed the release of a serious energy blockage within 24 hours in an energy-sensitive person.
The current incomplete ‘requests’ will be completed, not so fast, and probably on a different basis, based on new technologies, with minimal use of Bliss Engines. (The base will contain the above three techniques, the superstructure may contain a minimal share of Bliss Engines, which may also be helpful for those who are insensitive to energy).
Thank you all, those who, over so many years now, supported SMF and its derivatives. Without you, all this would not have happened.
Happy New Year 24
Best regards,
and Filip