[note: I paste it here as I got it]

For about 6 months now I have been testing/using SMFs Audio Talismans and tracks on a daily basis, including even keeping my AT2 with me while I slept and I finally feel that I have gained enough experience with them to write a detailed and well researched review.

The AT2s that I have been testing are as follows:

Positive and Powerful protection, Cause Army to Appear, Invincible and powerful, Immortality and Anti aging, and Wisdom, along with the free booster tracks to further enhance the power of those I am working with.

I downloaded them and multiplied them to approximately 100 copies of each track all on the same memory stick which I then carried with me on my person pretty much all day, every day and at night slept with the memory stick placed inside my pillow case.

What I noticed was that carrying the “AT2 Stick” really had a noticeable difference on my stamina and health as well as my confidence in a positive way, while providing a rather palpable field of protection.

As time working with the AT2 stick progressed, I began finding myself capable of staying up and working for 24 hour shifts at a time and this actually became a weekly occurrence. I also was able to get by with less sleep in general, sometimes as little as 2 or 3 hours of sleep between each 24 hour shift of being awake.

(HOWEVER, doing this on a regular basis is generally not a pleasant experience and I don’t recommend it for extended periods of time.)

Another change I noticed was that I was less prone to getting sick and needed less food than I usually do, which by itself says a great deal because I have trained myself to subsist on one meal a day in order to further my spiritual practices and the amount of energy I can flow through my body and energetic system.

In general, I was able to perceive a definite increase in my overall stamina and bodily wellbeing.

Though, I should also mention that I drink a great deal of water and I made sure to keep up this trend during the entire time testing these because I quickly learned it was of key importance when working with the AT2 stick on any level beyond the scope of normal activities. (I.E. pushing my boundaries beyond their normal capacity in any manner.)

A positive point to the increased fluid intake was that drinking more water just came naturally and didn’t have to be forced.

As a general rule, it is my habit is to make sure that my water is always “charged” beforehand to ensure it is filled with energy and clustered to a beneficial resonance.

This is easy to do, and I expect that Filip/SMF will probably put out a water charging track or something of such nature sooner or later. If by some chance that’s not the case, then don’t despair as there are plenty of methods that you can use right now which are free and effective.

In fact, as long as I am on the topic, I will mention that SMFs current tracks are effective for charging water with their resonance to enhance synergy in the body with the energy they introduce when listened to.

(I regularly use Filip’s (SMF’s) Root Chakra and Emotional Healing Track and 7 Archangels Healing Track to charge water. )

Although I have not tried it, I would also theorize that you could use an AT2 to charge water by placing the memory stick next to a glass or even by taping the Memory stick with the desired AT2 onto the side of a water container.

Generally, glass, ceramic, Stone, and some kinds of metal containers work best as vessels for charging water with and if you repeatedly use the same vessel with the same energy track you will eventually build up a minor charge on the vessel itself which will allow you to charge water even when not placing it in the vicinity of an audio or energy source. (Though the charge will be somewhat lesser than when used with an active source)

Placing a crystal point in the water vessel will help the water to charge faster and retain it’s charge longer.

(Other stones may be used if their properties are synergistic with the intent/energy of the track being used. Just be sure your crystals/stones are clean and sanitary and non toxic if you are placing them in water.)

My apologies for the digression from the main review… continuing on….. As I was saying above, the AT2 stick certainly seemed to boost my personal capabilities quite a bit in my everyday physical and emotional functioning and I attribute this specifically to the Immortality and Anti aging AT2 along with to a lesser degree the Invincible and Powerful AT2.

(The other AT2 tracks probably certainly played a part but my impression is that the two mentioned above are the ones that boosted my stamina, etc.. the most.)

Carrying the AT2 stick also seemed to have the effect of inspiring me to make healthier choices when possible, such as choosing better foods and drinking more water, reading more informative material (instead of material that was more entertaining but not enriching), and generally trying to live adopting a healthier overall lifestyle.

These inspirations came oftentimes in the form of “healthy desires” and “internal pushes” that were almost like intuitive urges letting me know/making me more aware that certain choices would have undesirable results.

Usually I was given awareness of these negative consequences before I made an unhealthy choice so that I could avoid it. Although there were times when it was immediately after having made a bad choice in which an immediate understanding of a mistake was felt followed by a drive to compensate for the poor choice by making a “better” one in order to cancel the two out.

For instance, eating something sugary when I shouldn’t have, lead me to intake some extra minerals by seeking out a serving of dark leafy greens so that I could nullify most of the negative effects of the sugar spike upon my system.

(Side note: consumption of dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, chard, etc… can help reduce or stop a persons desire for sugar when they get have a sweet tooth. Sugar depletes the body of minerals and can have a dehydrating effect, so consuming minerals and drinking extra water can help counteract these negative effects.)

As for the effects of the protection AT2’s (I.E. Positive and Powerful Protection, Cause Army to Appear, and Invincible and Powerful.) The first one I tested was the Positive and Powerful Protection AT2. I tested this one exclusively when I went on a pilgrimage overseas in mid July and found it to be of great help in many ways.

I would have used the other two as well, but at the last moment I was guided to leave them out as I did not feel their specific energies were in line with the energies of the holy sites I was visiting during my pilgrimage. (I did however make successful use of these others when I came home after some time fully experiencing the first ones I had placed in the AT2 stick)

So, for protection purposes during my overseas trip I relied almost entirely on the Positive and Powerful Protection AT2 (PPP for short) and was not disappointed.

In fact, I noticed on multiple occasions that it helped me out during my trip in ways that I had not expected!

As a result, the PPP AT2 has become one of my very favorite AT2s to work with!

Truth be told, whenever I had the PPP AT2 with me I noticed quite a difference in the way my interactions with other people went. There seemed to be a change both in my own personality as well as of those around me.

I noticed that I was more confident overall and felt more at ease with my surroundings. It felt like there was a bit of a “cushioning effect” between myself and my psyche in relation to the environment and the stressors I encountered.

This was further tested by spending time without the AT2 with PPP on my person, during which time I noticed a stark contrast at how different the level of intensity in which I experienced unpleasant or alarming circumstances became.

I suppose a loosely fitting analogy would be that it was the difference between walking outside in the rain while wearing a raincoat and carrying and umbrella verses just wearing your normal, everyday clothes.

There were even one or two times I experienced a bit of psychic attack during my trip and I felt that the power of these attacks was greatly reduced from what it would have been had I not been carrying the AT2 PPP.

It’s important to remind those reading this that even though the PPP was the main protection program I was working with, there were still other AT2 programs in the same Memory stick I was carrying and I certainly feel they had some kind of contributing effect in my experiences as well, so I cant give the full credit of my experiences entirely to just one of these particular programs.

However, I can say with some confidence that at times I was able to distinguish to a good degree what programs were having the main effect during certain situations as I encountered/experienced them.

Moving on to the Immortality and Anti aging AT2 track, I have mentioned above some of what I have noticed and attributed to it, but I would like to further add that during my pilgrimage pilgrimage it definitely played a part in allowing me to push past my physical limits in hiking up very steep inclines and over very rocky trails in extreme conditions for long hours at a time.

Many times these conditions/circumstances lasted all day, leaving very little opportunity for food or rest.

In all fairness, I must admit that I also feel other factors were sometimes involved in this phenomenon, such as the particularly powerful energy of the places I was visiting. However, with that in mind, I still believe that the Immortality and Anti Aging AT2 also contributed what was certainly a noticeable and beneficial effect indeed!

Another phenomenon I began experiencing was that I seemed to recover from fatigue and injury much faster than I normally would previous to carrying the AT2 and this is an effect that I am still enjoying to this day.

In fact now that I am home and I have been sleeping with the AT2 in my pillow case at night and carrying it with me during the day I have found that the effects have not stopped but rather have remained constant and if anything have become more noticeable.

Moving onto the other AT2 programs…

The Wisdom AT2 has frequently manifested its influence through sudden bouts of inspiration along with a general desire to improve my cognition of things by increased

study or the obtaining of resources for study in the fields that I hold an interest.

So don’t expect that it will just immediately manifest “direct wisdom and instant knowing”. (though, his has happened from time to time as well)

In my personal experience, it will more frequently act as a strong guiding ambition and directional influence on how to improve in the areas of intellectual gain I would like to, through showing me where to go in order to do so.

The Cause Army to Appear isn’t something that I have need for everyday, (although it is one of the programs in my everyday carry AT2 stick) so I cant give as much of a detailed description of it’s active effects.

I can say that there are one or two people who used to treat me with greater harshness than they do now and I can attribute that to the “Cause Army” having a subconscious mitigating influence on those around me who might otherwise be more aggressive towards me.

I can also attribute it to having experienced a greater sense of “bravery” and “courage”, or less fear in the one or two situations where I might normally feel anxious for my safety.

It doesn’t seem to help any when it comes to things like social anxiety or confidence, but these are not situations of attack.

Presumably because it’s not really geared towards this type of conflict since these issues are more internally based/self generated than anything.

I would however recommend that every 3 months or so you plug the memory stick into your computer and work with the programs in some way such as increase the number of copies or add new ones to your mix etc…..

This due to the fact that over time the energy seems to “settle” and it needs some kind of stimulus to circulate things again. This isn’t just for the AT2’s mind you, this happens with most talismans as a general rule. The AT2’s are unique in that you do not need to put as much effort into them with traditional methods, such as chanting or ritual or meditation etc… in order to stir up their energies again.

Although, you could most likely use traditional methods with these to great effect, I would use these methods as ways to ramp up their power even further after shifting their contents through increasing the copies or adding to them etc…

In fact, I definitely recommend getting in touch with the energies from time to time and giving them commands or stating your intent in carrying them and the effects you desire to accomplish in your life as a result. Just make sure that your intent/requests match the programming, don’t ask for protection from evil if your AT2 is geared towards seduction or penis enlargement or something that has nothing to do with protection.

For extra credit you can get a nice temporary boost by using charged oils to anoint the AT2’s when you are going out and have need of extra help from them. I recommend an oil geared towards the programming of the AT2 you’re carrying, or an all purpose oil such as Power oil, Amplification oil, Blessing oil, or Good Luck oil etc…. There are plenty of multi purpose formulas you can use for help with just about everything and these work well if your AT2 has a mix of different programs and energies working through it.

If you are anointing with oils to boost their effectiveness, keep in mind that the boost USUALLY only lasts for a day or two, so you’ll need to reapply the oils as needed. If you do this on a frequent basis, you may stop feeling the change in energy, and when this happens you may wish to try switching to different oil in order to recognize the shift that it causes since your own energy will become accustomed to the energies of the first one over time. You get the idea.

As it has already been mentioned, when you’re just starting out with these, you may want to ease your system into extended use over a period of time so you don’t burn yourself out with a high energy voltage by dumping all this programming into your aura all at once. However, once you are acclimated I have found no problem with constant use depending on the programming of course.

Personally, I carry the AT2 with my chosen programs all day on a daily basis while sleeping with them at night.

I have reached the point where even though they have blended more fully into my aura and don’t have as “startling” or “punchy” of an energy as when I started carrying them. When this happens, that’s the time when you may like to “stir” the energy. Though, it’s not always necessary and even without doing this, I can still pick out when and where they are acting or playing a part in my experiences.

While I could definitely keep writing about the effects of working with and carrying these AT2 tracks in this memory stick, I realize that I have already written what is essentially a 6 page review of my experiences in this regard and I dont want anyone reading this to get eye strain trying to finish it. 😉

All in all, while each person’s experiences with these tracks will vary according to the individual, I feel confident in saying that these are definitely powerful tools for personal growth and causing change in one’s environment!

If after some truthful inner reflection you feel drawn to them, then just remember that they are powerful and it’s better to start “small” and work your way up in power/number of copies/intensity….etc.. SMF has done a great job in making these powerful tools for change and their energy reflects this!

To all my fellow Psychonauts, Magicians, Energetic Explorers, and Spelunkers into the cave of infinite untapped potential and possibility! Happy testing and Thanks again to SMF for giving us these great new opportunities to better our lives and take control of our experiences in Positive, New, and Powerful ways!!!

Best of Wishes and Blessings to You All!

Your Friend and Fellow Explorer,

-J.A.R (Oregon, U.S.A)