Booking Success
Mp3 & AT in one

power of about 120x

Made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.4

Chi suggestions are upon these goals/affirmations – only the 1st goal is treated as “in time which is most desired for me” not specific month or so – just the time which is most desired. All the rest is included.

The Booking Success Mp3 / AT apply not only for person whom requested it but anyone who want to achieve success at this field. Even if you have tourist farm, small hotel – this will works.

This is forum’s request and it’s done upon following chi suggestions:

Well, list of goals/affirmations is pretty short cause the topic is clear (not sure how to shape affirmations, but you will know)
– I want my apartments to be booked as much time as it suits me (if it have to be defined then from June to the October)
– I want to achieve best prices as possible
– I want to attract best possible guests (polite and civilized)
– I want that my guests left my apartments happy and satisfied
– I want to be good host
– I want to have harmonious relationship with my guests.So, the goal of this mp3 should be mutual benefit of me and my guests.

The audio spells are as follow:

  • Boost Sales
  • 700ct Wealth Diamond
  • Demolish Negative Wealth Beliefs
  • YHWH Wealth Attraction
  • YHWH Business Success
  • 3rd Sun – attract wealth, renown and riches
  • 4th Jupiter – to acquire wealth and honor
  • Business Motivation

There is also Jupiter Frequency to add some wealth attraction vibrations to audio soundtrack itself.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

File is for listening as well it’s audio talisman at the same time.

PLN 118.00

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