Chi Kung Healer

(up to 300x)

Chi Kung Healer made with Silent Bliss Subliminal TTS

in help of these audio spells:

  • Chi Kung I
  • Chi Kung II
  • Godly Healing (activate healing thru hands abilities) I
  • Godly Healing (activate healing thru hands abilities) II
  • Psi Faith
  • YHWH Psi Abilities Success

This package will be very helpful for all those who would like to awake healing abilities and activate the chi flow within the body. It is possible to heal basic afflictions with hands from headache to abdominal pain. With some practice list of possible achievements will be larger.

The scheme of how to use it:

1. For the 1st 14-30 days listen (or use it as audio talisman) with chosen “x” power [not too strong, not too less powerful] about 40 minutes per day.
2. After 14 days lay down and use your hands to heal your chakras or own body parts – or strengthen your body – do it everyday before sleep.
3. After 30 days there should be improvement in your healing abilities a long as you practice your technique.

From where taking the healing power?

The best option is to ask God for power. God is Ultimate power and He is always helpful on the way of healers. Lay your hands on body part to heal and say thru your heart: “God, please heal my stomach” or another part of your body. You may ask other intelligences but working with God is most safe and at the same time guarantee high accuracy.

Usually during the healing the energy goes through Crown Chakra then hands to the place where you are asking. In most cases and after a little of practice you may be aware of this process.

Healing by hands also is quite effective in grounding. The same scheme – lay your hands on Root Chakra and ask God for grounding.

Also practice talking with God via heart it can be helpful in case gaining more information about affliction.

Using pendulum can be also useful in making the diagnosis.

4. After 30 days only in case you are sure about your technique you can start to heal others.

REMEMBER: If you put your hands over another person – cloak yourself by visualize bulb of protecting light around your body and affirm that you are safe and you are not able to take any dis-harmonic energies from your patient.

ALWAYS: After performing direct healing on someone else ground yourself from the energy of your patient.

5. After 14-30 days of using Chi Kung Healer you can take picture of energy person and keep it between your hands in prayer position – this way you may send energy on any distance to any person whom picture you hold in your hands. Better to print pictures in color.

The practice must be done at least a little. Anyone can awake healing abilities.

The Chi Kung energy will additionally boost abilities of feeling energy within. It also supports tai chi, qi gong, chi kung techniques, manipulation of energy.

These mp3 package is made with Silent Bliss Subliminal TTS and based on these affirmations:

  • I am focused on chi kung and healing.
  • I am relaxed. My hands have healing powers.
  • I have superior circulation. I have great concentration.
  • I am a chi kung and healing expert.
  • My chi kung and healing technique is flawless.
  • I am aware. I enjoy practicing chi kung and healing through my hands.
  • I can defend myself effortlessly.
  • I will practice chi kung and healing with my hands regularly
  • Focusing my mind is becoming easier.
  • I will effortlessly relax.
  • I will overcome distractions.
  • I will become a chi kung and healing with my hands master
  • I will be aware of my chi.
  • My tai chi skills are developing steadily.
  • I will be sensitive to my body’s movements.
  • My mind is coming into harmony with my body.
  • I can develop my awareness with chi kung and healing with my hands.
  • My mind is naturally calm during chi kung and healing with my hands.
  • I am naturally focused during chi kung and healing with my hands.
  • Others see me as a chi kung and healing with my hands Master.
  • I have naturally perfect chi kung and healing with my hands.
  • I can easily block out distractions.
  • I enjoy my chi kung and healing with my hands practice.
  • My chi is evident within me.
  • Chi kung and healing with my hands is a way of life for me.


These are different levels of power [each mp3 has different level of power marked by “x” repetitions]:

  • 10x
  • 20x
  • 30x
  • 50x
  • 70x
  • 100x
  • 150x
  • 200x
  • 250x
  • 300x


Each files works as:

  • File for listening
  • Audio Talisman


Please use it wisely and on your own responsibility (at your own risk). Don’t use too much and don’t overpower yourself.

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