Hypnotic Wealth Visualization 10Hz

up to 650x

Silent creative visualization – play it with headphones or speakers and let the wealth images silently appears in your mind.

Here is another very effective approach to attracting and manifesting wealth in life. This is conjunction of two techniques – hypnotic energies of Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 and Visualization Energy. Additionally there is Brainwave Frequency of 10Hz that in known as Serotonin Release Frequency.

The Energies that support this MP3 (and audio talisman at the same time):

  • Main Energy: Master Visualization Skills – And the idea here is like: – if this will be used itself (so 1 sigil, only this sigil in creation) it will boost visualization skills, especially control over visualization, ability to visualization, conscious visualization, and remove bad flashes of bad visualization, bad negative mind projections-visualizations, ability to create vivid detailed visualizations, only the positive ones, – and secondly – if this will be used with other sigils/energies – like for money or sex, or health, it will be something like guided visualization of positive images, scenes over which user has control, or can create them by his own good and highest good, will-power. So if used with for example with money sigils – it will show him in 3rd eye in from of visualization positve vivid money attraction visualizations, for his highest good, if with attraction sigils, it will shows something around women and sexuality. Important is that there is variety of sigils/energies for attraction/sex so each one will shows something different. And lastly, it react somehow to the sound-track, so if there will be guided visualization, it will boost, and literally create like real-life-experience, and visualization is very powerful, so rapid manifestation can happen for end user. Important is that user has control over his visualizations by his will power and they are always positive. For example: If there is used sigil for visualization, and some sigils of stress-dissolution, chakra balance, immortality, orgasmic healing and some pictures like Buddha, wild forests – the final visualization for client will creating vivid journey dictated by his own background and guided by these energies – and finally manifested in his life – as less stress, chakra balance, more health and maybe something about Buddhism and nature And if above will be build upon voice track, the mix could be even more interesting.

  • Wealth Creating Motivations and persuade of financial goals (this one will works like a patient wife that requires from target user to work and creating financial wealth (here Higher Self / Guardian Angel will play the role of this wife ;). So it is mix of motivation and attraction of wealth, abundance. Also with elements of consistency, determination, achieving own goes no matter what. Sometimes people want wealth but don’t want to put effort into it – so this one is mix of motivation, determination, and sense of goal in business, so seeing clearly business goal and achieving it step by step with stubbornness, perseverance. It has kind of Heart to Heart telepathy with Guardian Angel (Higher Self) AND ability to creating brand new Wealth Intellect / or this famous “Millionaire Mind”, just kind of Wealth Brain/ Intellect / Nous / Intelligence.

  • Yahweh Business Success & Motivation for Online Businessmen. Fire up motivation to do all online activities that are related to business. Optionally with overcoming hesitation and seeing the goal – for speed up this process.

  • Yahweh Wealth Attraction (This energy represent Highest Energy in entire Cosmos but is optimized for creating abundance in every aspect of life. Right understanding as well, etc. Being rich not only seems to have a lots of money but also seems to be kind of attitude, affirmation of Life. Yahweh is most powerful source of power – the effect of using this Energy would be just more then scary; effective.

  • Break Time Line and Get Control over Space (Time-Space Relation) – The idea of this energy is to: – remove from user mind bad time-space synchronizations, – bad time lines, – get control over the time and space, – grand snychronization (with Enki blessing, it would be safe to have be guided by him, or if Enki is busy, then by another Archangels), – make more in less time, – time (exists in mind, it’s sense of time), – also adapt to 4th Dimension understanding of time, – it have the second layer for being guided by higher-self (which is guardian angel) Generally I think when someone could get control over time and space (of course in near distance, where his body is) he would achieve some great stuff, don’t know how to describe it, for sure it would make life more easy. So for example it would get sort things out, giving better understanding of own body, mind, etc etc.

  • Sales Boost – this is for boost physical sales and internet sales, good for those who own business and would like to boost it multiply times. Boost massively sales on all your website & local stores like mad millionaire (both digital and physical)

  • Self-Confidence

  • Overcome Worry

There are different levels of power – which means each mp3 has different power output, and the mp3s are as follow:

  • 10x

  • 20x

  • 30x

  • 40x

  • 50x

  • 140x

  • 200x

  • 350x

  • 450x

  • 550x

  • 650x

For sensitive people up to 140x will be fine. For not sensitive up to 650x.

These Mp3s are at the same time the Audio Talismans. If copy on pen-drive five files marked as “10x” – it gives power of “50x”.

Before listening via headphones, please agree to this:

Important information before listen to these mp3s:

Those who should not use these mp3s include: pregnant women and those who are wear a pacemaker, those who have had or are prone to seizures, and those are epileptic, whether knowingly or not.Those who should consult a physician before the use of this mp3s include: individuals under the influence of medication or drugs.These mp3s not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they be legal or illegal.Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of these mp3s, as they are more susceptible to seizures.Finally, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THESE AUDIO MP3S WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.

The Audio Talisman additionally create resonance of 10Hz.

10Hz is known for: enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial, use to try effects of other mixes. Acts as ananalgesic, safest frequency, especially for hangover & jet lag. Meg Patterson used for nicotine withdrawal. Dominant alpha frequency, clarity, normalcy, anti-convulsant, circadian rhythm resync, activate kidneys, raise body temp, more serotonin; Good when trying to correlate information by the subconscious – Sort of a waiting frequency while the subconscious does the work at lower frequencies; Learning a foreign language; Centering, Sleep Spindles, Arousal; Associated with Solar Plexus chakra; Increased alertness (caused by an increase in norepinephrine + serotonin & a decrease in melatonin), sense of well being & decreased pain (caused by increase in beta-endorphins) ; Adrenal Stimulant; Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported.

Mp3 is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 which is: very Hypnotic with kind of protection in case if user use it not in quite place, or use it in front of computer where he use his attention – it will not produce in such [not fully safe] environment any negative effects – there is idea to creating also „hypnotic” tracks that will re-program the end user in such not quite environment – so for example if he use it in public places it and mp3 is made for self-confidence it will boost his confidence and it will bond strongly with user. If listener use it in front of computer – it would be helpful to change or creating new habits.

Listening Tips: The best if you can relax and listen to it. You may use it while other activities but never use it while activities that require your full attention, like driving a car. If listen with open eyes – listen no more then 40 minutes per day, if with closed eyes there is no limit.

Using Audio Talismans: The same, don’t use while performing the activities that require your full attention, in all other situations it can be used.

In your mind’s eye may appear the visualizations that are related to wealth creation as well these that may be related to your current situation and financial goals, these can be also your tasks to do, if you feel urge to accomplish them, please act and don’t hesitate. The Visualization, main energy creating silent mind images that appear in your 3rd eye – this speed up entire manifestation process and you may find yourself feeling more optimism about your financial status and possible ways of improve it. 

Each file works as:

  • MP3 for listening
  • Audio Talisman


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FAQ and Notes:

The difference between Hypnotic Wealth Visualization 10Hz and the YVWH Manifestation?

The YHWH is for boost manifestation, psi skills, and it’s general one.
Both mp3s are strictly indicated by Audio Spells upon which are created. Both are made with Silent Bliss tech and it does not add any human suggestions or subliminals.
[Silent Bliss] it’s pure stream of listed energies into the mp3 sound track.
YHWH has music focus background.
The Hypntic Wealth firstly has 10Hz so each mp3 used as audio talisman add the resonance of 10Hz [if someone use it as audio talisman the body receive 10Hz resonance for them audio talisman/s] and this one is for wealth, or attracting wealth.
Also the Hypnotic Wealth is made in help of Visualization eXtreme Energy which has nearly class of XSigil, and it’s add the visualization powers to the listener,
so after and during listening in listener’s mind may appear silent flashes/images [in mind’s eye] related to rest of Audio Spells [used in this product], while these are oriented for wealth, these will be the images/flashes related to creating wealth [and their profil will be related to Audio Spells included listed above].
If in case other images/or Audio Spells there would be- the visualizations would be different.
The Hypno Wealth is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2, from here is the name, but also the Visualization eXtreme Energy Audio Spell may add lucid imagination of things related to wealth, for example YHWH Business Success may appear as vision of successful acting in business and making solid business relationships.
But again, it’s all individual. Most people do not have developed skills of visualization, and it can take some time until you will see the images in your mind, random ones. [Most simple attempt: lay down, close your eyes, RELAX your body and mind, listen to the Hypno Wealth and in relaxed state after certain time you may start seeing in mind’s eye images and visualizations related to the topic of wealth] [seeing random visualizations it’s individual issue and depends from person’s abilities] [if you are able to visualize fresh green apple and keep this image in your mind’s eye for 15 seconds this means you have basic skills, some people can’t]. [visualization is also kind of muscle that can be exercised].
The main idea of the Hypno Wealth is- regardless if listener have developed visualization skills or not, the images appear anyway, and it’s involve the 3rd eye into the process of manifesting wealth. At the same time 10Hz may help in relaxation.