Achieve Consistency
up to 20,000x

Motivation and completion of any task with laser focus and clear vision

This audio is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 and works for listening and can be used as Audio Talisman


Following Audio Spells / Energies are within each audio:


  • Pragmatic Vision
  • Positive Pragmatic Attitude
  • Achieve Consistency I
  • Achieve Consistency II
  • Ferocious Ferocity Concentration
  • Mental Game Squared
  • Focus on Priorities
  • Legendary Attention

Above mix of energies will put you into stable tasks completion. It help in solving even most difficult problems and boost making any difficult decisions.


Following “x” strength / power MP3 files are within the package:


  • 800xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 8000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 5xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 50xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 400xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 4000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 3000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 20xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 200xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 2000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 20,000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 16,000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 15xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 1500xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 12,000xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 10xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 100xAchieveConsistency.mp3

  • 1000xAchieveConsistency.mp3


To make it works – listening it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1-2 hours per day at regular basis.

Each file is at the same time:

  • Mp3 for listening via headphones, earphones, speakers
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use at any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).


Desired period of using is at least 14-30 days.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lots of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

PLN 139.00

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