Quieten The Mind From All Mind Chatter

Get rid of all unwanted mind’s voices

These MP3s (and Audio Talismans) based upon Yahweh Buddha Mind Energy – it’s main role is to becoming master of mind in any aspect. Even it’s not write within description of this eXtreme Energy is kind of build-in feature to block all incoming mind’s voices, mind chatters – and in case of telepathy direct them to the heart area. Mind Chatters are usually annoying for most people – in case they are appears – it’s the sing that person has connection with Cosmos – has the channel open – can receive information and send them out. However in most cases fear appears – and it’s also good because with too much connections certain person may end as “telephone booth” and it may lead to psychic illnesses or losing your own individuality. Everyone who hear mind chatters should be very careful. There are four main sources of mind chatters:

  1. You own mind
  2. You consciousness (your body)
  3. Telepathy
  4. Other entities without physical body

Easiest way to stop mind chatters is to calm your mind and avoid stress. Avoiding overactive of your 3rd eye, pineal gland – equally to this when you are hear incoming voice – you can ask: “what you want” or “how I can help you” and start discussing – this can help also in discovery of your mind, body and spirit.

Generally contacting with spiritual world seems to be easy – but it’s not – you need to be very careful because there are many mad ghosts out there, and other spiritual beings that try to transfer information to the earth, they are competing in communicating information, one can fall into the trap of spiritual beings, then such a person becomes the so-called “telephone booth”, and this can lead to serious health consequences. so be careful. if you are thinking of contacting you need to explore it slowly.

And if you just want to get rid of mind chatters quickly – these MP3s will quieten all of these and also it will boost your psychic strength.

Energies included:

  • 88. Yahweh Buddha Mind – Supreme Psychic Strength, Resistance & Health and Ultimate Understanding of Everything but controlled by own true will-power and Higher Self (so person will not get too much high and will not lost own mind) – also preludium to becoming kind of Super Human.

There are many different “x” versions of two main files. First include non distracting nature sounds and second is similar to new age sounds enriched with flue. For sure each next version is more powerful than previous.

The “x” power strength are estimated and may not be fully equal to previous products. Some files like M10x may be very powerful.


Following files are included within the package “up to 1000x”:


  • 1000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 1000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 100xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 100xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 10xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 10xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 1xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 1xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 200xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 200xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 20xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 20xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 400xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 400xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 40xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 40xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 5xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 5xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 800xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 800xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 80xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 80xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3


Following files are included within the package “up to 100,000x”:


  • 8000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 8000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 80,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 80,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 4000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 4000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 40,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 40,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 2000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 2000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 20,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 20,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 100,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 100,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • 10,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • 10,000xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3


Following files are included within the package “up to M10x”:

(M1x = 100,000x x 10 = 1,000,000)
(M2x = 1,000,000 x 10 = 10,000,000) and so on.


  • M9xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M9xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M8xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M8xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M7xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M7xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M6xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M6xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M5xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M5xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M4xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M4xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M3xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M3xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M2xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M2xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M1xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M1xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M10xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M10xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3


Following files are included within the package “up to M20x”:


  • M11xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M11xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M12xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M12xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M13xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M13xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M14xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M14xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M15xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M15xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M16xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M16xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M17xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M17xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M18xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M18xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M19xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M19xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M20xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M20xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3


Following files are included within the package “up to M30x”:


  • M21xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M21xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M22xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M22xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M23xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M23xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M24xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M24xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M25xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M25xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M26xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M26xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M27xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M27xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M28xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M28xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M29xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M29xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3

  • M30xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNature.mp3

  • M30xQuietenTheMindFromAllMindChatterNewAgeFlute.mp3


To make it works – listening it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1-2 hours per day at regular basis.

Each file is at the same time:

  • Mp3 for listening via headphones, earphones, speakers
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use at any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).


Desired period of using is at least 14-30 days.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lots of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

PLN 141.00

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