100-k-ifier up to M30x

has been updated to M30x and up to 100,000+x (Spherical version). Read more below:

100-k-ifier_up_to_M30x ***(UPDATED)***

So far it is the best MP3/AT for attract wealth at healingtools4you.

Each “wealth” MP3/AT or MP3 treat the problem with different approach, with different ways to achieve wealth attraction success.
According to feedbacks, the 100-k-ifier seems to be the best money tool, previously back in 2013-2015 the wealth mp3 that received most positive feedbacks was AttractWealthandMoney003.
Psionics XSigil (the V5 version) has power about 20,000x, it’s good for those who sense this “x” power (level/ intensity) of energy,
XSigils are very potent, but if you are not sensitive enough, it could not be good idea to taking XSigil,
The Ennochian Exponential candle spells ones have the similar power to XSigil,
the Standard Ennochian candle spells are like 1/4 of XSigil, they are good, or just very good,
The new version of 100-k-ifier has been published at ht4y: https://healingtools4you.com/blog/2020/04/30/100-k-ifier_up_to_20000x/
There is also a Spherical version, which for example provide possibility to easily fill any room / area with wealth energies.
If I ever could make the ranking of the best tools for attracting wealth / money, it will be like that:
1. Ennochian Exponential Candle Spell or XSigil V5 (dependently what person prefer, play with candles or carry XSigil, watching video)****
2. Virtual Psionics*****
2. SMF MP3/ATs like for example 100-k-ifier.*******
****-these are the best tools as long as your level of feeling energy stands near 15,000x up to 20,000x. Ideal when your favorite level is 4000x or 8000x – in such case there isn’t better tool that achieving wealth than XSigil or Exponential Candle Spell.
*****-the same as above. These are very good tools but not for those completely not sensitive to energy.
*******-same, for some other people M30x could not be enough.

Anyone can check own energy sensitivity up to 20,000x in help of this article:

How Effective are SMF’s Mp3s and Audio Talismans?