Enki EA Teachings 

Version 2 and 3

made Angelic Bliss V7

Enki (his another name EA) is known from Sumerian Tablets. Lucyna Lobos is his medium and provides crucial information about almost everything and teaches us how to live in that time of global changes. You may find in these channeling information about 2012, the Platonic Year but also how to manifest your goals, improve your life, lastly health tips there are too.

The following two MP3s are made upon this channelled information: http://misjafaraon.com/enki/
[Please use, for example Google or DeepL online translator, the language is other than English].

EA: I want to wake you all up from spiritual sluggishness, all of you without distinction of class and national origin. The burden of life, materialism, the terrible struggle for existence – the struggle is getting worse and worse. The form in which people live, chokes you and the robe of pessimism that envelops you, squeezes you more and more. All this in the name of what? – The Spirit of Negative Energy. And this Spirit must be defeated.

And can be used both as MP3 or an audio talisman. Angelic Bliss Engine v.7 adds specific energy to making things go your way and also, as the name indicates, it provides ‘angelic guidance’. These recordings were made back in 2019 and uses as background Deep Mind Ultra 2 created by Jospeh Plazo.
Both MP3s include BRAINWAVES (binaural beats).

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Download Version 2:

Download Version 3:

At ‘misjafaraon.com’ site you can find translations to English and Spanish, however not all have been updated yet. You can also gather energy from these sessions by using recordings of publish sessions (set volume to 5-10%). By doing this, you will receive guidance from EA. He has an entire Army of Spiritual Beings which can help anyone who asks for it. Under new sessions: misjafaraon.com/sesje/ (in Polish language) there are links to recordings from public sessions; even if you don’t know the language, you can decrease the sound volume and receive energy.