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How Effective are SMF’s Mp3s and Audio Talismans?

How Effective are SMF’s MP3s and Audio Talismans?

It’s all related to:

  • Your ability to feel energy at a certain level
  • Your ability to see correlation between what you put into your mind and then how it affects your reality (through your mind’s beliefs).

Both are important.

I have noticed that people which are especially completely not sensitive (to energy) have encounter issues with “seeing results”.
Anyway, here at SMF we have many MP3s/ATs with different level of power. See on below diagram of Silent Bliss Engine MP3s:

If you would like to try effectiveness (and different level’s power) of these products, you can check our Freeware file.
Especially this freeware product: SMF’sAscensionFreeware_upto20,000x.zip under this link:


This way you can check if 20,000x level of strength/power is something for you or now. (Sensitive people, please use it wisely), by having it in mind that many commercial products have similar power-output to 20,000x. Compare it to strength of coffee (8000x like one spoon coffee and 20,000x like three spoons coffee).

Note: Products since 2021 include high powers such as 100,000x and M30x (for those who are insensitive).

However if you checked the Ascension20,000x and if you know that the same amount of power is within AlphaConfidence,
you can know what to expect (what level of power), just the energy is different, set for something else.

At the same time, if Ascension 20,000x works for you, any file that is charged up to 20,000x will works too
(or especially the similar “x” power / strength files).

If you don’t feel anything from the 20,000x, another files which are charged up to 20,000x will also not good for you
(in this case see products charged up to 100,000x or M30x)

How to “Check your limit”

Checking your limit is easy. Start with listening low-power files, like 10x and observe how you are reacting to these; if nothing happens, go for 20x, later on to 40x, and so on, until you reach the file from which you feel anything; like 1000x or perhaps 20,000x. Do it gradually, especially in case you are sensitive/sensitive to chi energies.

Most common signs

  • If you feel sleepy while listening to higher “x” versions; it is probably you are sensitive (in that case don’t listen too much)
  • If you feel energized, active, most likely you are enough sensitive to gain benefit

What in case you don’t feel the 20,000x file

  • Try to use it as an Audio Talisman, make few copies of 20,000x file, and see what happens; if not enough power, make even more copies; do it gradually.


SMF’sAscensionFreeware_upto20,000x.zip include following Audio Spells (energies encoded within each audio track):

  • 29. Ascension Universal – for achieving ascension, linked to Ascension Cores in the Universe.
  • 77. Tribute to Enki (EA). Unconditional love. Enki’s love and loved people when firstly arrived to Earth. Do not make any distinctions between people. In love for people do not have any borders, in race or society. At the same, he shows respect to people. With this goes love that did not know any time or space. For love there is needed sincerity, one must be honest. One can’t love for usefulness, for usefulness one can love horse or cow. In people’s DNA there is encoded love and longing, for this what is in Heaven, for what people were left there. Love people as you would like to beloved. When you do like that, then you show this Energy of Love. People of all races, origins, old and young. Must love each other. This is Law of Cosmos. When these conditions will be achieved (by people) can say – it will be peace on earth. There will be no war, no killing, and all these bad things as people do. People must be equal to each other, and accept other Beings (i.e., Orion civilization, Sirius, and many other) that live in Cosmos. Accept the Plan of Gods regarding the planet Earth, believe in that everyone have this element of Gods. When these conditions will be achieved – can be said that: on Earth will happen change. This energy has Enki blessing. To making, it is more attractive, it is charged with extreme money attracting energies.



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