Protection Shield Mp3 *Updated*

Protection Shield Mp3


Finally I released the update to the Protection Shield Mp3. It’s currently final version (2015-10-10).

Mp3 is charged and recorded with Bliss Engine V.1 and the intentions are set for:

  • feeling always safe and secure

  • creating strong aura of protective light

  • magnetize good people and good life situations

  • getting protection from High Spiritual Beings

  • infinite Love Protective Light

  • protection against remote viewing

  • being positive, positve attitude (when we think in positive way we attract positive things)

  • healing of the body, mind and spirit by Infinite Love Energy

  • being healthy, strong and powerful

  • protection against evil people

  • feeling comfy all the time

  • help of Angels and Highest Energy in protection issues, guiding, feeling safe, feeling youself, being beloved

  • erase all negaitive worries and their energetic forms

  • erase all unreal worries and their energetic forms

  • radiation of love, security and happiness

  • healing energy directed to painful areas

This mp3 can be listen as much as you want to. If it too much powerful then listen less. Effect can happen after few listenings. Optimally listen till you get desired effect.

$12 (till next update than $24)
via TinyPass

Your download never expire – you may download it at any time you want.