Rock Star Self-Conficence

Rock Star Self-Conficence
Become Self-Confident, Dominant and Motivated!!

There are two mp3s made with High Chi Power Engines – which moves chi energy within the music and when you listen to it – your personal energy is slightly moved by this special kind of recordings. It is so effective and you may see results within 1 day of listening to it. Both mp3s can be listen by men and women. For men it can be very useful in dating life – because most of women usually like or prefer alpha/dominant men – not the wuss ones. To very fast check how these mp3s works – play them through your device and go somewhere take ride by train or bus, where there is static public place environment and where are around 50% of women – and you will see how many women are attracted to you. At the beginning you may noticed that you go out of your current cocoon of comfort zone and you may meet people that will try to act dominant, however after listening to it thru 3-4 hours that effect will pass by and you may see that people start to respect you and even admire.


Just as described I have found that I am standing out more and more noticed by others, this can be good for any one who may be in the public eye. Also very calm and relaxed socially. I am usually outgoing but this is on a higher level, more self assured. (by J.H.)

The first one mp3 is RockStarConfidence.mp3 and it is programmed and encoded with following suggestions:

  • I am super self-confident

  • I am dominant

  • I believe in myself

  • I know what I want from life

  • I am decided

  • I move with grace and confidence

  • I’m master of conversation

  • I love and respect myself

  • I am assertive

  • I have strong will-power

  • People respect me

  • People love me

  • I am attractive

  • My life is the stream of endless successes

  • I am the winner

  • I am strong

  • I am powerful

  • I am brave

  • I am popular in positive way

  • I am appericiated

  • I am secure and safe

  • When I talk, I talk slowly and deliberatelly

  • I am full of motivation

  • I am positive

  • I am joyful and happy

  • I attract happiness and success

  • I am calm

  • I am resolute

  • I am powerfully dominant

  • I radiate with with confidence and might

  • I am real and concrete

  • I attract good and successful situations

  • I love life, I love my life

These all affirmations and powerful statments are included in 1st audio track.


Second track is called as SupremeSelfConfidence.mp3 has a bit different set of suggestions with a bit different energy. Also there is less background sound – almost only music with river’s bubbling water sounds. Here is list of suggestion in 2nd track:

  • I see people positivelly (I don’t criticize [because it’s common symptom of lack of self-confidence])

  • I attract positive people to my social circles, to me

  • I always know what to do if I ever encounter difficult situation

  • I’m always choosing the best solution in any situation

  • I love my life

  • My life is GREAT

  • I love challenges

  • I effortlessly adapt to new conditions if any

  • I always draw good events and circumstances

  • I am dominant, vital and enthusiastic

  • I am creative and with stubborness achieving my positive goals

  • I am powerfully self-confident

  • I radiate with security, strenght and confidence

  • I radiate with self-trust

  • I radiate with might and decisiveness

  • I turst myself

  • I live in present moment [not in past]

  • I know that my future is the endless stream of successes

  • I have rocksolid will-power

  • I believe in myself

  • I am powerful

  • I love to meet new people

  • I can approach anyone effortlessly

  • I master my verbal and non-verbal skills

  • I am great speaker

  • I am combative

  • I truly love my life

  • I deeply and truly love and accept myself

  • I go straight and with grace, dynamically [not like very old people]

Listen to it till it’s comfortable for you. If you feel it’s too much intense please make a break or listen less. Optimally 30-60 minutes per day.


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RockStarConfidence.mp3 – 25MB – 10:27 minutes – 320kbps – 44Hz.
SupremeSelfConfidence.mp3 – 14,6MB – 10:12 minutes – 192kbps – 44Hz.
Both files are in ZIP archive – you can unpack them with freeware software like 7zip.

Your download never expires – you may donwload files at any time you want to.


Masking tack used in these two mp3s requires attribution and here it is: Juno (Chronox) / CC BY 4.0